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  1. Like I mentioned in my intro, I rediscovered my inner child who used to be dollhouse-crazy. I'm a bit of a hermit, and possibly younger than the average user here. When I'm not fussing over the two dollhouse kits I got (a Sinosphere post-war bungalow, and a half-scale Tennyson), I play online RPGs, make pixel art, and spectate a Dungeons and Dragons group. Also dabble in 2D art, mainly pixelated.
  2. Since I'm from Malaysia and shipping fees can get hefty, I look for Robotime-esque kits that come with building and furniture included. Thank you for the welcome, though.
  3. They're incredibly common in online stores in South East Asia, from what I've seen. Purchased two different houses, will share progress eventually.
  4. The last time I played with dollhouses was over 20 years ago, and not having much imported info back then, I mistakenly thought miniatures were for kids and didn't appreciate the work put into them. Sometime last year I started checking out miniature kits all over again. With some life experience and more appreciation for the art, I want to try my hand at making a dollhouse with the whole kit and caboodle. Mainly because I can't afford to turn my real house into an antique living museum, I'd get bagged on. I hope to find some guidance here. My preferred interior decoration style ranges from Baroque to Rococo and Victorian.
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