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  1. Lol ! This was fun to do , and I didn’t base it on a scale so I don’t know sorry x
  2. I made the it drain scene , hope you like it ?
  3. Thank you , I was happy how the mushrooms turned out x
  4. Thank you everyone for your comments , I am going to have a look at blogging and just see how it goes. At the moment I am doing the hocus Pocus book and I have just finished a IT scene diorama which was fun to do! X
  5. Well done ! The book looks great ! X
  6. Thank you everyone who has commented my notifications wasn’t coming up saying people had replied to the post , but I’m still working on it , it might be done by next week maybe ..... x
  7. I think I’m going to do that tomorrow now lol thank you x
  8. I was thinking that I just don’t know where to start..... lol x
  9. Hello Does anyone know any websites where you can show off your craft work you have made like a blog ? I have my own YouTube channel but that doesn’t get many views , I’m on here which is great and I’m on Etsy but I didn’t know if there was anywhere else I could put my work up on ? Thank you x
  10. Jess1991

    Georgian Lady

    She is beautiful, the whole scene is beautiful x
  11. I did cheat on the book lol ! I printed it out but built the book shape and built the display cabinet but thanks lol x
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