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  1. Im trying to figure out what what to do with the door way. Even if I get or build a door with a transom it would have to be a large transom all the doors I find are regular sized ones anyone know how some old places have the huuuuge doors? Has anyone seen a dollhouse doors like that for sale? Cause I can't find any. My other option is to place part of the wood that's gone above the regular sized door so that it's not a huge opening having the exterior and interior design covering the fact that its been filled. But I don't know how id do that and wanted to check for advice on either option. If I go with the regular sized doors definitely doing double doors. And can customize by building a transom.
  2. The windows are 3x5, one 5x7 in the base, and a 2x2 in the attic. I think their size it probably okay
  3. The door way Is 5x12 seems rather big to me. Been looking at doors that have something above them. So I can make that opening smaller. Maybe a door with a little window above it. Is it just me thinking that 5x12 is too large of an opening for a door in a 1:12? Holly I love the toile wallpaper in the farmhouse!!
  4. I do have a cat. And yes the carpets gotta go lol that carpet it like 20 years old.
  5. I do have a cat. And yes the carpets gotta go lol that carpet it like 20 years old.
  6. That sounds great too! The attic space isn't big and and the angle of it means only a small bit of it can really be used But I could manage to make it work. I'm really interested in trying to build as much of my own stuff as I can as long as it looks decent. What I can't make I'll buy when I can little by little. At first I was going to start with the outside and work to the inside but now I feel like that's not a good idea. And I've for sure decided on 1:12 scale so that helps with a little direction. I do love the thought of a little business in the bottom though. Might add windows on the sides but I'm unsure. Also there aren't any stairs. I've done a lot of work with various little models but redoing this dollhouse will be my first. I'm deciding on a dollhouse kit right now too but this one, I want it to be really special since it was my dollhouse when I was little. I cant recall what it looked like when it was made for me, the paint was different and the window coverings are long gone but it won't be recognizable when I'm done I want to make it into something amazing for sure.
  7. Thank you for the responses I have a ton of ideas but not sure which ones will fit this house. Would love to do something like an apothecary but Im unsure if that would work here yet. I would much prefer to do a 1:12 scale. And was hoping someone would agree and not think the rooms height would make it feel off. An amazing kitchen or library would be great. (Bakery at the bottom kitchen in the middle apartment at the top?) But with the sizing I feel like it wouldn't fit or feel right to have both. The three floors are quite large and if I do 1:12 scale I think it would be alright to partition parts off if I need to. My mind is exploding with ideas but it would look disastrous to mash them all together. will have to give serious consideration to this. In the meantime I will still be happy to have any ideas or recommendations!
  8. This sort of shows the back and the the only door on it.
  9. Had this dollhouse built for me as a child generally used Barbie with it. Always wanted to fix it up and I think now's the Time. Considered maybe a partial stone partial siding exterior and no clue what I'll do with the inside. Any thoughts? Advice? It's close to a 1:6 scale maybe a touch smaller? I'm only guessing. I suppose it could be called a super high ceiling 1:12? I think here's some of the measurements. height 61" Room height 15" Attic height 5.5" Body width 36" Body depth 18" if anyone knows if these measurements are best suited for 1:6 furniture and whatnot please tell me. I forgot to measure the door and windows. The base itself is a little bigger. The attic space is so small it's basically useless. I do have some other pictures if anyone has advice and wanted to see more.
  10. The website camelake.com is fraudulent. I 'm not sure if this is the place I should put this but this website offers ridiculously low prices dollhouses I've ran a check and they're a fraudulent company. Don't want anyone to be swindled thinking they're going to get a deal.
  11. I've been searching for a 1:48 beacon Hill but I can find one. Only seen the 144th that was linked in this post and the 1" scale one.
  12. I will also look for a 1/48 one and check out the dimensions on it.
  13. I posted in the new members saying hello and mentioned I was on the hunt for. 144th beacon hill. If one becomes available im interested!
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