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  1. See if the link will work for this web site which has the instructions and the schematics: My Small Obsession This is where I downloaded and printed them for the one I'm building and purchased secondhand. Good luck!
  2. Looks amazing!! Don't forget to draw a schematic of where all the wiring is in the event there are issues later. I lost mine for the first big dollhouse with wiring - fortunately no problems yet but when there are, I won't be able to fix it. Ugh.
  3. Okay it's not EXACTLY a dollhouse, but I'm so tempted to get this and paint a door a day this October!!!
  4. My first few builds weren't dollhouses but smaller builds. The first was a GL Spring Fling entry here. I constructed the facade of a favorite dark ride - I learned lots of techniques but all saw lots of flaws. I actually sold that one to a person who runs a fan site for the dark ride itself. He provided lots of detailed shots for me during the build and then asked for it if I ever were to consider selling it. I sold it for the original cost of the kits (I thought his help with photos and details were a trade off to the hours spent bashing it!) No regrets seeing it go - it'll apparently become part of a museum collection for the Trimper rides so that's cool! My first real attempt at a dollhouse was built for my best friend's daughter so that was never supposed to stick around. The rooms were decorated with her daughter's favorite themes and colors and I had no problem parting with it - it was always a gift and learning experience for my goal build - which is the Haunted Beacon Hill I'm constructing in my brain currently to get it where I want it as I put it together. That'll be my keeper. If I EVER get that done, I'd love to attempt some historically accurate builds, but we'll see. I've only fully destroyed one - that was the miniature golf course - I kept all the internal pieces, but the thing was massive. I took lots of photos though and that worked perfectly to remember it.
  5. This is the house my grandfather (my dad’s dad) built for me when I was five. It used to be red and brown, we changed the color and fixed all the railings when my daughter was young. As you can see cats and railing don’t mix. When my mom died of cancer at 55 my dad moved in with my daughter and I ... he’s a minimalist so I tried to find an artistic hobby that wouldn’t take up a lot of room. Miniatures! Brilliant - ha! Not take up a lot of room? What a laugh that is now! But it’s nice to really appreciate what my granddad put into this house! Only now I’m at the point with my own daughter moving out having to reassess what she will want and not want when I’m gone. I’m pretty sure this one will not be on the want list... I’ll probably want to make a new one if she has an interested kid one day! BTW if anyone know what kit this might have been - he would have made it around 1975.
  6. I am definitely going to have to check this out, what a great idea! I love hardware stores for mini-things! This is beautiful!! I love how smoothly it lays out. I wonder how well it would distress? I'm working on something right now that requires so much of this woodwork for both the walls AND the floors... but the floors have to be really worn out. So the top floor here is final product - the lower floor is still just the Woodsies craft sticks with craft gel stain - I have to dremel distress the stain back off like the top floor.
  7. I LOVE this! Thanks for posting.... I have oodles of fur material leftover from various costumes and was mulling over how to make the yard surrounding the haunted beacon hill - which needs to be done before I can start the house! I just ordered four shades of Rit Dyemore (which I’m hoping takes better on the synthetic material) and will make an attempt to do this! Love the idea of different controlled levels of grass, especially when the cemetery goes in!
  8. I'm big into painting all surfaced with Kilz primer before any other paint or wallpaper just to seal the wood. You can do that before you glue everything together. Like Khadi said definitely paint the ceiling ahead of time. I cut the wallpaper to fit before assembling, but I assemble before installing the wallpaper because I'm usually using tape lighting. That needs to be in place across the walls before wallpaper goes up. I also LOVE acid free Yes! paste, a recommendation from a wallpaper blog I read... it's amazing - no ripples or paper bowing. I used regular scrapbook paper for my walls. I even found a scrapbook paper that looked like bathroom tiles, and covered it in a few layers of Modge Podge to gloss it up.
  9. Welcome welcome! You’ve found a great place for helpful info and inspiration!
  10. Yes I agree.... I’ve got a strand of 24 I’ll double them up in their little spots. I did find the sockets at some oak ridge minis place where I got the brik stuff. I may get some for the other makeshift lights as my lighting sources for this build is not standard at all
  11. So I need to make something of a runway of lights - light you'd see along a walk path or something like that. I have a slew of 12 volt 65 MA screw-base bulbs and single receptacle extension cords. But does anyone just sell base sockets to screw bulbs into? Otherwise I'll probably just go with one of those strings of mini lights you can get in craft stores. But I've had all these lighting supplies for so long and never a use for them. Thanks!
  12. I'm trying something different this time. The Brik Magic set that comes with the brick stencil and brick making material. I have SO many bricks to put on this Creatin' piece I couldn't imagine doing it any other way without it taking forever... I've never tried it before and I couldn't find any youtube videos on it. Just one reference here: A blog I found (scroll down a ways) I'll post some pictures if it turns out - I have to do red and white brick work
  13. Everything is good here in Maryland (haven’t figured out how to update my location from PA - as I’ve moved in with the beau just outside DC). His house provides me with a huge craft room so I feel terribly spoiled. We’ve been healthy - and unlike some of the horror stories you guys have told about your state reps, Maryland’s governor has been awesome so far. We’re both fortunate to have jobs that could move to telework. His son is home from college finishing his third year remotely. My DD just got her real first job and I sweated her losing it - last hired first fired sort of thing. But they’ve been great having her come in half week and telework the other half and two bonuses in the last month. Feeing very fortunate and I’m a hermit by nature so staying indoors and crafting is a happy place. @WBrownIV I’m so sorry - I haven’t been around for a while but not for those reasons! Just other hobbies taking over. So glad to hear you are still able to work - that is probably a good thing after navigating the other storms you’ve been dealt.
  14. Kudos to all the mask makers!!! I have made about 40 or so for friends and family with the supplies I already had. By the time they were required here Walmart was barren! I managed to break my reverse lever forcing it when the real problem was a dial set to button hole (oops). Got a few blisters turning the metal piece with needle nose pliers! But the new lever arrived yesterday woot!! I can’t even imagine churning out 400 masks that’s amazing!!! I ordered the creatin’ contest piece on April 1st - and have a great idea for it so when I’m not sewing or teleworking that is spread out all over one of the two craft tables now... So happy to see the forum up and running again! I get so much inspiration and instruction here - there is simply no other option for a mini forum IMHO! Hope everyone stays happy and healthy!
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