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  1. Wanted to add -- the products from China and UK are very reasonable, but from the USA, shipping is nearly double than product pricing! Jeez!
  2. Now I can't decide to display all in the box on it's side, or on the bottom -- looking down at it from above. Which way would it make items more visible?
  3. Thanks for the ideas! Never thought of Ebay or Craigslist!
  4. I'll just have to do it as 1 project every 3 months. I'm unable to make anything, myself, due to only having the use of 1 hand.
  5. I thought I did some thorough research to see if I could afford to have this as a hobby, but some prices are exorbitant! Furniture items seem to cost more than I thought. I could furnish my real home for the cost of some things. I think my 1st project may be a cafe/diner. The little accessories seem to be reasonable. I've checked several sites, but not Etsy's yet. Thought they would be expensive there, but seems this is a more expensive hobby than I thought. Not going to give up yet!
  6. Thank you FurMama, and amyole! Never been to Twilingate, but know of it.
  7. Thank you! Great ideas, helps a lot. :)
  8. I will be hanging the display boxes on the wall. I'm trying to decide what to use -- the sawtooth thingys like on the back of photo frames, or the round thingys that stick up in back. Jeez, I hope I've explained it good enough. Also, this may sound silly, but do I need to glue any pieces down to avoid anything falling over/out of place?
  9. Oh! I'm doing my best to learn! :)
  10. Good, I've bookmarked that box for later. I know 1" = 1' Sadly, there's no Hobby Lobby up here.
  11. Wow! So many great ideas! Elsbeth, thanks for the link. That's about the right price. Would that size work for 1:12 scale? Off to IKEA now and researching foam board. Thank you all!
  12. I'm trying to find a source for cheap display boxes. Probably 10x10 inches, to represent one room (1:12 scale). I had found some fabric boxes that may be sturdy enough to lie on their side to use. I had asked if they were sturdy enough for that -- one reviewer said they were, but 4 others said they weren't. So, I'm in a quandary as to what to do. Any ideas for me? Benni
  13. Thank you all for the nice welcome! First of all, I go by Benni. The only reason I gave my given name is because I thought it was for legal issues. Please call me Benni. I'm going to have many questions. I'll post them in a new post later. :)
  14. I've always had an interest in miniature things -- they are so darn cute! Now that I'm retired, and can afford to indulge in the hobby. I've wanted to find a hobby I could do with one hand, without anyone having to help me. Having had a stroke, 3 years ago, I've not been able to do much on my own. Right side paralyzed (thankfully I'm left handed). I'm not really interested in doing a dollhouse, I'd rather do room displays. I want to do a room in a display box, hanging it on the wall. Different ideas for different rooms -- garden, doctors office, grocery store, etc.
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