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  1. we are in dallas and unfortunately do not have a local place that i know of where i can go and look and ask questions of folks who know what their talking about! thankful for you knowledgable group!
  2. thank you holly and kathie, we are buying new and directly from greenleaf. one thing i know she wants to do is have working lights. any tips and tricks for running power to the dollhouse?
  3. Good Morning Everyone, We are getting the Beacon Hill for my daughter for Christmas for us to build together. She loves all things miniature (as do I) and will be thrilled with the traditional style. As a first time builder, my main question is where do we start? Is there a reference book we should have on hand, any tool kits I should buy in addition to the doll house, favorite glue? I would hate to open the box and find we need several additional items, or start and realize we should have done things in a certain order. I am so excited and nervous to start this project with her an
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