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  1. I had an AC Moore on the east coast, and it was my favorite craft store. I have been enjoying my local Joanns Fabrics lately, and will go to Michaels if I have to.
  2. I lost all of my miniatures and miniature-making supplies too! Welcome!
  3. I build out of foam core for almost everything (furniture, whole structures, etc). I highly recommend it.
  4. As a former South-Jersey resident, welcome!
  5. I've seen people use vinyl, peel-and-stick flooring that they cut into strips. I'm currently planning to use that technique, and I paid about $1 per "plank."
  6. I made a holiday-specific home so that I could just put that out lol. But, I still do love decorating for Halloween and the December holidays.
  7. I've definitely sided once the house is built, but I've never had the courage to wallpaper after building. Kudos!
  8. Do you have a general idea of what's in them? I know it varies, but I'm just curious.
  9. Hi all! I've been building dollhouses and making miniatures from a younger age, and after a 6-year hiatus, I'm finally back! I don't have room to build a large house, so I'm currently working on a 1:12 scale "tiny home" and just finished a 1:144 scale winter cabin. Most of my creations are scratch-built. I currently live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Check out my blog for more details on my projects: www.mariasminis.com Instagram: @mariasminis
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