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  1. Question!!!! if I stain ALL the pieces, can I prime over and then paint/wallpaper OVER the stain for the opposite side? I’ve read a lot about people who noticed paint from the other side being visible, I was wondering if I could solve that problem by staining prior to “tape fitting” the house, then notating where the paint would be visible and not painting it. What do you think?!
  2. Good tip on the glue gun!! Before I read the instructions I went out and got every type of wood glue imaginable, and was frustrated that I now needed to use hot glue!
  3. My kids are young (2.5 and 4) but both play so nicely with the dollhouse my grandfather made for my cousin when we were small. He died before he could make me one to pass along to my kids, so I decided I would do it myself! My sister also just died, so I need an outlet for my pain and frustration. I found myself with an unexpected day off today as my hospital just reopened after the Kincade Fire, but I don’t need to report until tmrw. I am dedicating today to building this behemoth. I am not trying to make the BEST dollhouse around, but I have picked out paints, as organized, and am wanting to give it my best shot. How long do you think it will take? Hours wise? I can commit to at least an hour a day. I think I decided to use oragami paper with mod podge for wallpaper, and stain the floors wit wood stain. I picked out cute rugs, and furniture- just basic stuff. My girls love the show “Sprit Riding Free” on Netflix, so I’m trying to paint and furnish the house to resemble the Victorian in the show, as well as purchase dolls that look like the characters. I’ll take all of the time saving tips/help you’ve got!!
  4. Thank y’all so much! I got paranoid about removing pieces after the instructions said not to, but my box is packed in a wonky order, so I had to remove it all and organize. I’ll take everyone’s helpful suggestions into account! I was hoping to have this thing build by Christmas for my kids, now I’m thinking it’ll end up being Christmas next year
  5. Hi everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! I have read the instructions thoroughly, as well as the warm up sheet, but I am having issues differentiating which pieces are which!! They are unlabeled. Am I supposed to remove everything from the box and label? This was specifically prohibited in the instructions I read as it said to remove and use IN ORDER, but I am unclear how in step A I am supposed to locate foundation back (1) and bottom support (27)!! SEND HELP!!
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