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  1. The album through photobucket, I enjoyed that as well! This is why I've probably encountered a few others on facebook which mentioned theirs was similiar but had a front porch. It's nice to know this is from a kit because I thought the build was made sturdily well and I would love the Rosehill!
  2. I am so glad you did make an account and post as well as sent me a mail! You got a steal of a price with all that gorgeous furniture to boot! And the beautiful note and backstory with it! You are the first person I've come across now that knows the kit it is from! I've met a few others through facebook in groups who had the same house but knew nothing about it or could only remember the year. Seeing yours, I really want that open and closing of the attic, mine is missing that. If you do happen to, I would absolutely LOVE to see all the instructions! Everyone's house that I've ran into like this always has slight differences that I was always curious what the actual intended layout and such were originally.
  3. The dollhouse I'm currently working on is a 1:12 scale. I understand how scale works, just having trouble mentally seeing how much smaller 1:16 is compared to 1:12. I've never really bought miniatures in the past and a lot of the pieces I'm seeming to really like are 1:16 like Petite Princess, Ideal, Renewal. Would they look strange size wise next to other 1:12 items?
  4. Updating, ripped out the carpet completely last night and have a few pieces that still held with what I think may have been wood glue to hold it down. Also trying to remove the excess glue left behind from the carpet. Trying to remove that now. I did find a few treasures underneath the carpet so that was a pleasant surprise! Unsure of what the clear glass piece is? Thought perhaps it was supposed to imitate a light bulb?
  5. @havanaholly I also thought this but I had posted to a facebook group about buying it and a lady commented saying she also had the same house and had met one other person who had it as well. However they never found the maker.
  6. I recently purchased a dollhouse I found at a local flea market for $28. I'm beginning ripping the carpet out and removing the wallpaper tonight but for the time being I was wondering if anyone knows the maker or name of this dollhouse? This is surprisingly very sturdy when transported and lifted. I'm assuming it has been around awhile as the style of the shag carpet and the old paper lining they used inside of drawers was laid in the kitchen area. Was very happy to discover it as it was hidden among a few other large items! Not sure if I should start with interior or exterior after removing the carpeting and wallpaper? Thank you!
  7. You all have such lovely ideas! I actually have gotten around to starting mine, and I think this was a nice build for me to learn and start out on honestly. I'm pausing right now as I think I'd like to do my walls and flooring in the inside before I get too far ahead and I need to think what all I have in mind. Hobby lobby trip? I am a little disappointed in the awning and the door, I'd like to find actual hinges for those or use a totally different window in place of the awning as I don't really care for the tape suggestion in the instructions. Holly when you mentioned about the corrugated cardboard I remember seeing corrugated scrapbook paper at my local craft store! That might also give that effect of the retro look and give you the curve you might need for the roof, Cheryl! And Kathie I hadn't even thought of those bamboo mats, I actually think I have an old placemat like it lying around I could experiment with. Here is my progress so far! So much more to do but I also need wood clamps before I improvise too much with my painter's tape of holding things together to dry.
  8. Thank you everyone! My kit was supposed to arrive today but I think due to weather it's been delayed, I can't wait to start! Holly, I had run into your gallery as well as Brown's when I first did a forum search for this kit! I really liked your idea of the woodsie wheels and actually have seen them at our local craft store! I will definitely have to take a look at them again once I start sinking into this kit. I love the wiring that Brown did on his which is probably too ambitious for me to attempt but I did find some other ideas for cheap and beginner ideas to use before trying that later on down the road. I've been looking at a lot of travel trailer decor ideas and I really love the remodeled trailers that have all wood paneling in them. Is there a wood that will bend easily or maybe craft sticks would do the trick to panel the inside of the rounded area's of the trailer? This is a picture of kind of the idea I mean... I also would love to put a large window in the very back of the trailer like I have seen a few others do with this kit, ant recommendations when it comes to that or what windows would be good to use? Rebecca, I am just blown away by your caravan, I just went through your album and I love all your detail! I can only hope I can produce something that nice someday, truly beautiful work! All in all this was a great place to start and suggestions, thank you so much! I agree I'll probably just buy a few basic supplies you all mentioned and then see what I need as I go for this project as suggested.
  9. I've had a lot of interest lately in miniatures and decided to try the Greenleaf Travel Trailer as my first project so as not to start something too big and see how I like it overall. Is there anything you would recommend to have on hand, I'm at a total loss on what tools I may need as I have no prior experience in this sort of thing. I've been looking at posts that I've found with this particular kit and I noticed there were a good many that said this one required a lot of sanding and that most primed the wood before putting it together? I love any new learning experience and would love any insight on what you recommend is good for someone to start with that has no idea what they are doing. I'm really excited to see how my first miniature turns out like, especially this kit! So many talented people here too, can't wait to keep seeing all the things everyone creates!
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