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  1. Oh wow, I'm on the mainland just outside of Vancouver! I might be interested in this actually. Do you have any more pictures?
  2. Thanks Debora I don't see anything in my inbox yet but I will send you a pm as well
  3. I would be interested in the dollhouse. My day job is doing fabrication in a plastics company, so it would be just like work but actual fun. The only issue is I'm not in the US, I'm in Canada. Is it possible to find out how much shipping costs would be? If you're willing to go through the hassle with that, let me know and I'll message you my address if nobody else comes forward with wanting the orchid.
  4. I joined the wish site through my facebook account and bought a mini crossbow. It took about a month and a bit but I finally did get it, which is typical shipping time coming from China. I've bought a few things from banggood as well. What bugs me is just after I bought that mini crossbow, my account no longer works to log in and I've tried many times to contact the website to help me get back on but I can't get in touch with anyone. It's annoying because I'd like to shop there again.
  5. That is beautiful! Well done masterpiece :)
  6. I didn't even think of that issue that these dolls may not be suitable for young children. If this was a European country where nudity isn't shamed or forbidden, probably not. But those of us in the western part of the world...yeah, I didn't even think of that. My apologies for being the one to bring up the suggestion in the first place. Off topic but I like the clothing you got for your dolls Nell. Did you make them yourself or did you buy them? I'm not good at sewing at all so I'll probably end up buying some pre-made clothes off of the etsy seller that was suggested from Carrie.
  7. The phicen doll is comparable to other dollhouse dolls such as the Melissa and Doug family. I have both sets and the Melissa and Doug dolls are horrible to pose and freakishly cartoonish. But standing side by side, there is no difference in height, so the phicen dolls work well in my opinion since the other 1/12th scale dolls are the same size. There are some drawbacks such as being stuck with only one head and the proportions could be a little bit more everyday woman and not silicone valley plastic surgeon special. But in the end, the dolls are one of the best posable dolls one can get for this scale. I also have a Melissa and Doug furniture set and the phicen fits well enough but I am just using them more as props though, not for play. Maybe it would make a difference depending on what everything is being used for.
  8. LeeB, I'm not sure if this would be of interest, but there are 1/12th scale dolls at a somewhat reasonable price that are very realistic (the female version is a bit TOO realistic in all honesty) and has true to life posability. Look up 1/12th phicen dolls on ebay or something. I have both male and female and they are as real as they get. Finding clothes for them will be an issue and they don't really come with much to begin with. These are sold as action figure dolls for the more serious collectors of action figure dolls, not really meant for dollhouse use but they work wonderfully for the right kind of person. I just thought I'd offer that suggestion to you :)
  9. Thanks Cheryl I'm already having fun and I have only on the second floor in construction. I'm taking my time with everything because I'm finding myself bringing out this perfectionist attitude while doing it...even though I'm quite sure that somewhere along the way, I will have some "oops" moments.
  10. Thanks for the welcome Holly I got word back from the company I bought the kit from and they directed me to call Greenleaf at their toll free number. I'll be doing that at some point where my work schedule and the hours customer service is open can coincide. Thanks for the tip and yes, I am using wood glue for the construction of it despite the instructions saying to use hot glue. I did some test pieces with the scrap wood after punching out the die cut pieces and wood glue works really well. I'm really excited to get going on this project and have a bunch of ideas already for the direction I'll be taking this house.
  11. New member here. I'm in Maple Ridge, BC Canada. I've done a really tiny dollhouse build from a kit I got off of banggood and loved the entire process. As a little girl (many, many moons ago) I was more of a tomboy, so dollhouses were not on my wish list at the time. I did have barbies and such, but nothing to the extent I asked for dollhouses. I'm now interested in building my first "real" dollhouse. I got a greenleaf harrison dollhouse and just completed the foundation. I'm going to take every step in building this as carefully as possible because at the end, I want to be really proud of what I've achieved from it. I'm hoping for a well built house with some realistic details, but since this is just the start of it, who knows. I may sacrifice along the way depending on where this build process takes me haha. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself first of all. Second, I wanted to ask a question regarding greenleaf kits. I got this kit from a well known dollhouse company in Canada and after receiving the kit, I noticed one of the die cut sheets was not in the box. I carefully took out each sheet and numbered them according to the diagram sheet (I did this because I had a hard time spotting the numbers that were punched into the sheets) and noticed at the end, one of the die cut sheets in the kit was not there. Hopefully once they have a chance to reply, I'll get the missing panel. It is the front of the roof that is missing, so it's a pretty important piece of the kit. Also, I paid for a full kit, so I do expect a full one Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Where one of the die cut sheets was not in the box?
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