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  1. Welp, I have inadvertently made this dollhouse a puzzle project as well. Since I have never built one before, and didn't have the instructions to warn me against it, I just jumped right in and took ALL the pieces apart and bagged them up in no particular order... LOL *facepalm* I suspect this is going to add a bit to the timeline of my build, but most of the pieces seem pretty easy to identify so I'm sure I'll figure it out. Despite this realization I am undaunted in my quest to accomplish my lifelong goal to build and decorate my own dollhouse! xD Let the game begin :)
  2. Great, I do have some overhead sheets. Thanks for all the help and ideas, everyone! I'm very excited to start this build. :)
  3. I found the Orchid instructions online, which is great, but after looking at the list of what should be included I found my kit is also missing the plastic window sheet. What type/thickness/size of plastic sheeting do I need? Would Greenleaf send me a sheet? Sorry for all the questions, this is my first dollhouse build. :)
  4. Hiya! I bought the Orchid kit from Hobby Lobby and it has no instructions in it. I tried the download link on mini man's post but it doesn't work. Is there another link I can try? Thanks! -Spirit
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