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  1. I've waited for two weeks for an estate sale that pictured a bunch of magazine binders but didn't show the contents. Can you imagine my excitement to find they were all filled with mint condition magazines? You'll find me on the sofa for the next 8 weeks.
  2. I am gonna get this terminology down. ;)
  3. and by build from scratch I mean from the kit vs the one sitting in my office that is completed and needs a lot of work.
  4. Sorry let me clarify. The Pierce is a complete unopened box that I bought last night. Some 30 years ago I inherited my grandmothers doll house which I wish to restore and redo. so I wasn't sure if there was significant insight I could glean from building the kit and doing the Pierce first that would be helpful in the restoration and rebuild of my Grandmothers house.
  5. i picked up this gem from FB Marketplace for $50 yesterday. Trying to decide if I should build a house from scratch before I try to restore the one I have? Is there a benefit gained from the experience of the build first?
  6. I’m a serial diy’er! I'm pretty sure I know where I'll end up! I’ve been building full size furniture for 10 years so ummmmm I’m already brainstorming mini furniture!
  7. Holy Schnikes! This site is a great big giant rabbit hole! And I love it!
  8. There is so much to learn! @KathieB you are a wealth of knowledge!
  9. Thank you everyone! I'm excited to get started and there is so much to do I can't figure out where to start. There is so much information here in the forum! Happy Wednesday!
  10. thelornybin

    The Lorny Bin

    This was my grandmother's dollhouse, her name was Lorna Jean, I was named after her and my Aunt. I am Lorna Lee.... so I'm calling it, The Lorny Bin because we are a little crazy but a lot of fun.
  11. thelornybin


    From the album: The Lorny Bin

    I don't know anything about the kit yet, I'm still trying to find information.
  12. thelornybin

    Interior Room

    From the album: The Lorny Bin

    I love the pictures of my grandfather she had hanging on the wall.
  13. thelornybin


    From the album: The Lorny Bin

    I don't know anything about the kit yet, I'm still trying to find information.
  14. Farmstand Kit? Oh I am curious what this is!
  15. Welcome Dani! Hope you are feeling better! I'm new here too!
  16. There is some serious talent in these forums! Nice work.
  17. I would of never thought of this! Now I want to go hunt and see if my Grandmother signed her house when she built it!
  18. Wow~ that's all I have! I'm overwhelmed with all the little details available and this just blows my mind.
  19. Hello everyone! I am happy to be here! I am starting the "restoration" of my grandmothers dollhouse! I have no idea who the manufacturer is/was.... it is a big house and I am sure it's going to take a little while but I am looking forward to getting started. I have had it in storage and moved it many times over the past 28 years. I'll upload some photos when I get home. Looking forward to learning from everyone and hopefully figuring out who the manufacturer of my house was.
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