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  1. Hi Holly..

    Thanks for that! My husband is very BY THE BOOK (he's usually the one who reads the instructions front to back and i'm usually the one who follows my creative instincts). We went to home depot and picked up the smallest can of BEHR premium plus exterior water based primer & sealer. Is this ok to use? I figure it can be used for future houses as well. He says we need to seal the wood prior to painting.. is this right?

    Also, once sealed and primed, is it OK to use craft paint? Or does it have to be regular house paint? My hubby is insisting on buying lots of cans of paint and i'm like, um.. hello i dont want to spend a fortune here. Who knows if we'll build another dollhouse after this?? Sooo, what IS most economical for us do you think?

    Thanks for all the info :)

  2. Hi there!

    I just bought my first doll house kit, it's a Corona Concepts: The Orchid #9301.

    I'm taking a trip to Michael's Crafts later today or tomorrow and wanted to pick out some paints.

    What brand/name/kind do you recommend I use? I don't want to do anything too extravagant with this house, as its my first and right now i'm hoping to just continue on with it and not lose steam as I often do with projects.

    But I've wanted a dollhouse since i'm 4yrs old and now ..at 32yrs old, I really want this!! LOL

    Any suggestions or info would be wonderful.

    Thanks all,


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