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  1. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has built and furnished a modern day dollhouse yet? I see all these wonderful, beautiful houses, but I've yet to see one with a more modern feel. Please share and show photos if you can! thanks
  2. aimeegirl

    side view

    That is fantastic!!! Your fish are so realistic and adorable!:thumb:
  3. Pretty flowers Great job..and LOVE the statuette .. it's a kitty?
  4. This is Kodiak, taken when he was just 2 months old, we adopted him from a friend who had too many kittens and was about to drop them at the shelter. He disappeared shortly before we lost Biscuit, and we've never found him again. We fear the worst, but hope for the best, that he is in a new home, sleeping or cozy with someone friendly to love him.
  5. This is Biscuit, we rescued him at 3 months old, the photo was taken at approx. 8-9months old. Biscuit was poisoned along with our Casey & Tucker our other 2 much older and larger dogs when someone threw poisoned food in a paper towel over our fence and all 3 ate it. Tucker threw ate it whole and threw it up immediately, Casey suffered kidney problems for several months afterward and still has to eat special food and we lost Biscuit 3 days after he ingested the poison. Who would do something so terrible to innocent animals??? I think God we didn't lose all 3 that day, but Biscuit was barel
  6. Hi everyone, thanks for the many great suggestions. I'm going to give it a rest because it's making me nuts.. but Holly to answer your question, I did number things with pencil as I removed them from the sheets (as i was following instructions, step by step) but I hadnt gotten to those parts yet and my hubby was just blowing through things to get it done and over with...so it turned into a mess Ah well, thanks again everyone. I am baffled that no one seems to have had something similar to this happen to them.. I'm sure there are a few of us out there, just not around today perhaps. But anyw
  7. Hi Kabrina, I hadn't thought of that... good idea, but the thing is, the parts aren't "missing" as in, never put in the box, they were once there and were somehow tossed or lost. I just might have to improvise. But thank you!
  8. Hi all, I have really done a doozy this time. When I started opening up the kit for The Orchid I labeled/numbered everything on the back with pencil as I went along with the instructions. Then I got annoyed with the (VERY POOR) instruction manual and started to just work from pictures and using the many blogs and team builds that others had suggested to me. At some point my husband really started to help out and as he would pop things out of sheets, extra parts would fall away from the sheets as well and unbeknownst to me, he was just kind of tossing them back in the box! So now we'r
  9. aimeegirl

    Railing Work..

    Looks great, nice and clean!
  10. aimeegirl

    RGT build along

    Oooo love this. Love that green!
  11. aimeegirl


    LOL, so cute
  12. aimeegirl


    Love the way the brick looks.. but man, that is tedious work! Good for you for sticking with it :thumb:
  13. I love the white bathroom hutch!
  14. aimeegirl


    Good point! However, that partition leading from the bathroom into the bedroom was a real pain in the butt to wallpaper after it was put in. I ended up ripping it out last nite to paper both sides!
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