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  1. Oh I love the two together to make it larger. That’s a great idea! It turned out beautifully
  2. Lol! It shouldn’t be so nerve wracking but I’m feeling unsure. I love how yours turned out. I just saw your nutcote on IG. I’ll add you on there. I’m jggypsyheartminis
  3. I didn’t know they were links you know sometimes it just underlined things that aren’t really clickable links lol! I’ll learn the ways around here. So neat I love that and I love the look of the laurel.
  4. That sounds promising! Are there any pictures or albums you’ve seen?
  5. I’d love to see photos of any of these kits that have been modified slightly. I’m not sure I’m up for a huge bash but they are around the side I’m needing and hope to build a small one first then move to one of these I’m really a farmhouse kind of girl so I was thinking the Jefferson might be easier to put a porch on and make look like a 100 year old farmhouse but I love all three and would like to see yours. the Fairfield is also a favorite but it doesn’t come in 1” scale correct?
  6. I like the shabby look so the sticks seams wouldnt bother me however I find the siding strips 100% easier to use i have never used liquid nails, does it work well for shingles too? I have always used quick grip but the smell/fumes are awful. They even bother my daughter
  7. Sable, I have a stack of doors laying around so that’s not an issue at all. What does everyone usually do for siding? Craft sticks or real siding sheets from houseworks?
  8. Would it work best to buy two kits to have an additional side wall? Or just use different wood from the hardware store? This is a wonderful idea and yes I’m going to check the links out now that I have a minute
  9. I’m not sure what you mean about turning the roof since I haven’t seen it in person but I have saws and plenty of tools. I’ve been building custom room boxes for years (just quit last year) so cutting new openings would be ok if I could just get a plan I’d love to work on a small one like that
  10. Thank you. I mostly enjoy painting furniture. I haven’t been able to in the past couple of months due to this mystery illness and had to pack up all of my Miniatures for a while but furniture painting is something I love to do. I tried to add a profile photo but they were too big even when I edited them so I’m not sure I’ll be able to add pictures lol
  11. Thank you. Yes I will order directly from Greenleaf. I bought a different kit on eBay once and even though it was just wood it was very warped from years of heat and possibly water damage Good idea starting with a small one just to see if it bothers me. I’d have gone with a big one lol
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