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  1. Thanks! Maybe I'll dip my toe in the ebay waters!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I saw a few old ebay posts, but the price seemed quite ridiculous, and I'm not sure what they actually sold for. I'll do some more research on an appropriate price (and I'm open to any suggestions from anyone here!) Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I mentioned the shingles because an online search shows some kits that list the roof shingles included, and others do not. I've used Greenleaf wood shingles for other projects. I don't currently have the room to build and keep the house, and between some life size scale house renovations (ha!) and too many other art/craft pursuits (resin, painting), I need to pare down.
  4. I have a unconstructed Granville dollhouse kit (510). Mine does not have the shingles included. I bought it new in a sealed box in 1991, but still haven't gotten around to making it, so I'd like to sell it to someone who would love to do so. I did open one side of the box to peek inside some time ago but I haven't popped out the pieces from the sheets inside. I'll post it soon to craigslist in my local area (New Orleans area), but I thought I would post it here as well to see if anyone wants to make this home their home! ;-) Send me a private message and offer if you are interested. Local is easier, but I'll consider shipping if you wish to pay for postage and insurance. I believe this is ok to post, but if not, please forgive and advise! Thanks!
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