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  1. You guys are all great. I have almost everything elsr in the box. I am missing some of the wall connecting strips of wood but that is ok. I have some from another kit left over that may work. I actually have a sheet of marker board that I am going to try to use just cant paint it because it is a shiny plastic material. Again....thank you everyone. Btw....mom is being less than helpful saying its a waste of time snd I should just buy another kit. Yeah....i will get right on that. NOT. This will work....i know it will
  2. Wow you folks are awesome. I know the tongue and groove material and I love working with it....its not in the box. Just the sheets of punch out stuff. I will try fabricating the walls myself. Not sure with what yet. Will let ya know what I decide and how it goes
  3. It really does suck. I looked up some diagrams on building other houses but I'm just not good at doing it that way. I have tried. They dont turn out nearly as nice and also not near the quality.
  4. Havanaholly. Im certain they are not there. Most everything that is to ve punched out is there and is intsct. Thank you tho. This is the Heritage. Supposed to have rain gutters....downspouts etc. This was going to be just what she wanted. I'm just so disappointed. I tried putting a pic on here but my phone won't let me.
  5. I just dont know what to do. I want to give up. I have made several little houses and given them to little girls who would never get one. I have a kiddo who actually wants to help with the build. Due to a divorce and my son going into rehab I have only been able to get kits off craigslist and other such sites. Kiddos mom found a kit at an estate sale and was so excited.....until I opened it. No instructions which isn't that big of a deal. The problem is that there are NO EXTERIOR WALLS. She told me the sellers promised everything was there. Its useless. I can't do this with the "shell" of the house. I could wing it with anything other than that missing. I cant expext Greenleaf to provide it all if and when I send in a missing or damaged sheet. Why do people have to lie? How do I tell this little girl we can't build it? I give up.
  6. I posted on Craigslist and on Facebook with no luck. I know they are out there.. ...its just finding the right person.
  7. Yes I do. His name is Axel. He has a brother named Tytus. I have a hard time keeping Axel off of and out of my work space. He will pack off little pieces and hide them.
  8. wish I had better pictures but I never thought I would enjoy building them so much. It is....for the most part....very relaxing. Also the little girls that have recieved them have so much fun. These kiddos would never had one otherwise. When I first started I was doing pretty well financially. Due to ending up divorced I just don't have the means to buy the kits....even in the rare instance I find one on Craigslist. If anyone has one that has missing pieces I coulf make that work for the little girl I plan on building it for.
  9. Hello. I have built several doll houses and given them to children who would otherwise never have one due to the cost. I now am in such a position that I cannot afford to purchase the kits. I have a little girl who has been through quite a bit in her world and she has seen pictures of the ones I had built and she desperately wants one. I was wondering if there was anyone out there who would be willing to donate a kit so that she can watch and maybe participate in the construction of her own tiny home. Thank you and God bless. Julie paggetti
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