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  1. Thank you so much I need to try t find some svg files to make furniture.
  2. Do ya'll know what scale The Cassie dollhouse by The House That Jack Built is for furniture?
  3. Thank you so much. Your house is Beautiful I love the grey and wine color. Thank you for the link on how to finish the roof top.
  4. I was given The Cassie dollhouse by The House That Jack Built. It is already built which is good because I have never made one. I make roomboxes. I'm going to take out the wallpaper and flooring. I just bought Miniature Octagon Style Shingles. I watched a video how to put wood shingles on. What I need to know is what do you put on that gap at the very top where the roof meets at a point? Also, if anyone has decorated this house, please post pictures to give me an idea how to decorate it. Thank you
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