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  1. So I bought this dollhouse at an estate sale today & I want to fix it up! I’m pretty sure it’s homemade, but wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has an advice on where to start. I think it was stored outside at one point because the cardboard interior walls are stinky & moldy. I know that will have to be replaced, but how? Also wondering what to use to strip the paint. It’s hard lacquer-like paint. Gah feeling overwhelmed, but super excited. I know my son will love this for many years if I can do it the right way. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Slfr77wT1DR2AxTmgYts5OHQhdr6sczY
  2. Hi — I’ve loved miniatures since I was a kid & often made crude furniture out of junk lying around the house. Fast forward to my adult years & I just follow a bunch of miniature makers on Instagram, until today...I found a homemade dollhouse at an estate sale & fell in love. My husband & I are going to fix it up, but realized we may be in over our head, hence joining this forum! Looking forward to diving into this new hobby, I’m a bit of a hobby-hobbyist, so I think this could be a great creative outlet. I’m excited to see everyone else’s projects too & learn from the experts!
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