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  1. Ah, maybe it was mislabelled then! Well whichever one was harder is working pretty well! I don't want to stain the wood - I think it looks fine as it is. So I'm not sure what product to use to seal it so it's Matt and doesn't change colour..
  2. Thank you! I had no idea there was a second floor :,-). Also, so glad to know another person loves 1:24!! And thanks everyone, for the nice comments. I've done a bit more work now, first I had to sand off the primer from the edges for everything to fit again >.<. ( Next time I'll definitely just put masking tape on all edges). It took so much effort and time. http://imgur.com/a/Bwi1uUz And then I started on the exterior finishing, so I've started doing the panelling. I cut it all out of a sheet of .8 mm Balsasood (I also had Basswood but it
  3. Yeah, that's what it looks like but the roof doesn't need the supports and there's loads of them. http://imgur.com/a/xMA4F3F
  4. Now getting into it a little bit. I've already started to prime and paint the walls. Here's a dry fit of the cottage: http://imgur.com/a/AdRl5m0 It fit together great, although there were some random extras included in the box that I'm not sure what to do with? Basically little triangles, I don't have a pic right now but I'll upload one later. Here's some pics of me priming the cottage: http://imgur.com/a/CMFfqzL I used a wood primer/undercoat to prime the MDF pieces and I put it on with a roller. Before using the white primer I
  5. Hi, I've introduced myself in the newcomers forum. I received my Hurstwood Cottage kit from Bromley yesterday and I've already started on it. Here's an album of me unpacking it: https//imgur.com/a/1ITiW6m This is an intro post basically. This is my first dollhouse build so I thought I'd go for a small one and my plan for this also includes doing three different types of exterior finish; brick, panelling and render. I'm going to turn this into a nice modern home.
  6. Yeah I know, I was just looking for a cheaper option :'). I've found a video online of someone using stick on cork as bricks. I'm the kind of person that likes to pre-plan absolutely everything, even though I know this project'll take weeks. Thanks for the tips! That's exactly what I'm looking to do, I've ordered a sheet of basswood and balsa wood with the dolls house since it was only like £1. My boyfriend's got a lot of random tools in his garage so I'm going to rifle through them for some stainer.
  7. Hi, I've always been interested in building my own dollshouse/ building kits since I was around 14 but my mum never bought me any :(. So now that i'm 20 and i've got some money, I'm planning my first build. I'm going to use the Hurstwood Kit and build in 1/24 scale, I plan on doing some kit-bashing to make it look a bit more modern https://www.craft-products.com/bdh0524-hurstwood-cottage-dolls-house-kit Here's the design i'm trying to go for: https://imgur.com/a/QgMpu8v I'm excited to start the exterior but I want to order the hous
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