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  1. Your help is greatly appreciated. I cant wait for her to see your posts. I have driven as far as 4hrs in one direction to pick up dollhouses. just yesterday I got 2 cast iron potbelly stoves and rocking chairs (salt and pepper shakers) that I later read about on here. I cant wait to start the gallery and get more help. We might put this one aside for a bit and work on a westville, I think that needs way less work.
  2. Ok, rasping? Lol. I'm saving all of this for my wife. I looked at your pics and although the houses are similar, I see some differences. She will measure the windows and reply I'm sure. There are no windows on the left side (using the porch as the front) of my house. There is also a bay window on the first floor. Thanks so much for your help. I will use my laptop to post more pics for you since i dont know how to resize them on my phone.
  3. Yeah, the whole facade is removable. Gravity will remove mine if I move it a little bit lol.
  4. The owner got it for xmas in 1979 and added the addition later. It has copper strips for wiring and a few outlets. We have amassed 8 dollhouses in the last month and some tools. The wood is thick on this one. It's well built but I dont know where to start. If you think this is what you have kells, ask for specific pics and we will post them.
  5. Hey kells... this isnt in good shape at all. The front of the house sits a half inch lower than everything else, and it needs a ton of work that I dont truly know how to do. My wife watches videos and stuff and had some tools but it will be a major undertaking... thanksnso much for the reply. Here are a few more pics...
  6. Ok, it looks like I can post already. Have you guys seen this one before?
  7. My name is ben and my wife is tanya. We have been browsing the greenleaf forums for about a month and have found a tremendous amount of info. You guys are amazing. Anyway, she and I will be visiting regularly for help with some recently acquired dollhouses. We got a free one today and need some help identifying it. This one, we hope, will be sone for the holiday season to display in our living room. Pics will follow once we reach the necessary post count. Talk to you soon and thanks in advance for your help
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