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    Brand new into miniatures, love the creativity. I live a medieval life in the weekends and sing in a choir.

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  1. Hi! thanks very, VERY much! I will be reading ALL of the posts in your blog. I truly appreciate the link!
  2. Hello from the eastern shore of Nova Scotia!! Of the top 10 baby miniaturists mistakes to make, I've done 8. Bought an already assembled Greenleaf Garfield and I'm in love!! Already have almost 300 pins on my new Pinetrest board. I want to change much of it and am wanting some guidance on where to start. The upper level (attic?) has ugly wallpaper and want to remove it or paint over it. the doors are simply plain balsa wood and glued in. I want to redo those too and it has an awful red velveteen carpet throughout the house. My question is, what to do first?? doirs, then floors then walls?? thanks everyone.
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