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  1. should darken a little as it ages and sits in the sun cherry does that naturally
  2. madrone burl top - needs a little polishing when the lacquer hardens
  3. I often have a problem finishing projects so I decided to start and end one the same day from design to final finish. Bookcase made from cherry, stained with dragons blood/ alkanet root dye, and two coats of gloss lacquer
  4. Thank you all! This was # 4 for granddaughters no grandson yet but I do have another daughter expecting late summer so keeping my fingers crossed. But granddaughters are great as well
  5. But she is tiny. My newest granddaughter born 3-3-2020. Vivian Skye, 6 pounds 13 ounces
  6. thanks - i did get both the emails - thank you for doing this i will check into why no confirmation
  7. So I am putting together a website to sell my mini books on. If you have some time please pop over and look at it and let me know if something doesn't work. Even if you can try the contact form and just say hi https://yehya61.wixsite.com/thomctigheesq
  8. Have a touch of pneumonia slowing me down but I did manage to get a few more pages set up to print. Here is the first few pages of a sample of them
  9. I don't call these failures so much as learning experiences. Each one is a little better, each one I refine my technique a little. I am also working on some jigs to help but essentially this is the discard pile
  10. Except for him being a Thomas I would agree. Maybe brother and sister. He is a little thing too never seemed to lose the kittenish little boy look but we love him
  11. I am doing them in batches now. The pages are edge glued but not yet trimmed and I have started folding the covers. I will be sending these out as samples
  12. I laid out two more books: Titian (Italian, c. 1488–1576) Paolo Veronese (Italian, c. 1528–1588) (both from the Venetian School) am working on the Old Masters now. I have a list of about fifty of them but some, like Giorgione, might be hard as there are so few actual artworks attributed to him. I am drawing my inspiration from things like the old Time/Life series of books that covered a topic like the history of art, and the Library of America series I have where each book is individually slipcased. So they will be slightly oversized books, closer to 1" or a scale 12", but slipcased and common bound. Each book will consist of about 35 paintings, sculptures, or other artwork, from one artist. I haven't decided on the later nineteenth century forward as, except for academic art, and some of the pre-Raphaelites, it just isn't to my liking. Although I told my wife I would do a Van Gogh book for her. This is the list I am working to now I think it is representative of the various era's and types of Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque, and other painting styles: Cimabue (Italian, 1240–1302) Giotto di Bondone (Italian, 1267–1337) Duccio (Italian, 1255–1318) Simone Martini (Italian, 1285–1344) Ambrogio Lorenzetti (Italian, c. 1290–1348) Pietro Lorenzetti (Italian, c. 1280–1348) Gentile da Fabriano (Italian, 1370–1427) Lorenzo Monaco (Italian, 1370–1425) Masolino (Italian, c. 1383–c. 1447) Pisanello (Italian, c. 1395–c. 1455) Sassetta (Italian, c. 1392–1450) Sandro Botticelli (Italian, c. 1445–1510) Domenico Ghirlandaio (Italian, 1449–1494) Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, 1452–1519) Michelangelo (Italian, 1475–1564) Raphael (Italian, 1483–1520) Correggio (Italian, 1490–1534) Giorgione (Italian, 1477–1510) Tintoretto (Italian, 1518–1594) Giovanni di Paolo (Italian, 1403–1482) Beccafumi (Italian, 1486–1551) Jan van Eyck (Flemish, c. 1390–1441) Hieronymus Bosch (Flemish, 1450–1516) Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471–1528) Lucas Cranach the Elder (German, 1472–1553) Hans Holbein the Younger (German, 1497–1543) Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Flemish, c.1525–1569) El Greco (Greek-born Spanish, 1541–1614) Adam Elsheimer (German, 1578–1610) Caravaggio (Italian, 1573–1610) Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish, 1577–1640) Nicolas Poussin (French, 1594–1665) Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, 1599–1641) Diego Velázquez (Spanish, 1599–1660) Charles Le Brun (French, 1619–1690) Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606–1669) Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, 1632–1675) François Boucher (French, 1703–1770) Charles-André van Loo (French, 1705– 1765) Joshua Reynolds (English, 1723–1792) Thomas Gainsborough (English, 1727–1788) Canaletto (Italian, 1697–1768) Anton Raphael Mengs (German, 1728–1779) Johann Zoffany (German, 1733–1810) Benjamin West (American-born British, 1738–1820) Angelica Kauffman (Swiss-born, 1741–1807) Antoine-Jean Gros (French, 1771–1835) Francisco Goya (Spanish, 1746–1828) William Blake (British, 1757–1827) John Constable (English, 1776–1837) Théodore Géricault (French, 1791–1824) Eugène Delacroix (French, 1798–1863)
  13. Some covers given the varnish treatment for Alma-Tadema and Bouguereau
  14. I keep working through trying to improve my technique will have something concrete soon. I am starting the History of Art series so far have six volumes (David, Ingres, Canova, Thorvaldsen, Alma-Tadema, and Bouguereau) plus the special two volume Flaxman Homer set I am reworking as an add along. I am working on the proper mix of varnish for the covers (half matte, half satin with a dash of flow-aid) and getting the slipcases correct (playing with some jigs that seem to be helping). Eventually I would like 40 or more volumes. There are so many fine artists to do. Attached is the sample page for the David and Ingres books. I get two books to a 8.5 x 11 sheet about 40 pages each.
  15. First pass at my Homer by Flaxman - Iliad and Odyssey each includes all 34 original plates done by John Flaxman I can see some areas to improve but I am getting better
  16. Thanks - I have two volunteers this place is the best
  17. The satin varnish is too shiny for the Slipcase I have some matte varnish coming. I think that will tone it down but I like the strength the varnish imparts to the paper
  18. I now have about 7 or so books printed or ready for printing and assembling: The three volume set of Napoleon's life - Slipcased together The two volume set of John Flaxman's Illustrations of Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey - Slipcased together The first two volumes of my "History of World Art" series The Paintings of Jacques-Louis David - individually Slipcased The Sculpture of Antonio Canova engraved by Henry Moses - individually Slipcased In another week or two I should have some sets assembled and ready to go. What I need is a few people familiar with miniatures to look them over and critique them. Tell what they see wrong, what I could do better, etc. In exchange they can keep them or dispose of them as they decide. I feel like I can only progress so far without some independent review at this point. If this is something you think you can do please PM me. I hope this isn't out of line for asking here?
  19. fully readable each picture is clearly labeled
  20. Three volume set with slipcase Still a few issues to work out but they are getting better I think The Life of Napoleon Volume I: The House of Bonaparte Volume II: The Grande Armee Volume III: Napoleon's Marshals
  21. John Flaxman, who did the designs for the Iliad and Odyssey I used in the miniature books I made, did most of these designs as well. This set dates from 1955 but the patterns are 150 years older than that
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