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  1. Thanks everybody for your help . I have managed to obtain a NIB 1/144 Garfield kit from a member on this site - so happy days !
  2. Swarm


    Thanks everybody for your helpful advice and wisdom i very much appreciate all the replies and will certainly take it into account . Stuart.
  3. Swarm


    Very good idea - tracing the outline before assembly and using it as a template ! Why no self adhesive paper any reason ? Can you buy books of wallpaper of varying types like 100 page or is it an individual item purchased ? I don’t have the luxury of just popping down the shop - besides the fact there are no dollhouse or miniature shops in the closest major town to me - it’s over 150ks one way drive . I have to buy online and get items posted. Thanks
  4. Swarm


    Thank you for the reply . When using wallpaper is it best to use the self adhesive type or the type you apply glue too ?
  5. Hi guys . This has probably been covered previously- but I can’t find any helpful advice . Although I have built many houses in the past I’ve never decorated nor painted , that has been left up to others . Question : Is it best to paint or wallpaper the interior of a house prior to assembly for ease of getting to certain areas ? Or can this be done effectively once assembled ? No particular house just interested in what the majority of people do . What is the general consensus - feedback much appreciated . Stuart.
  6. Hi Rebecca. Thank you for the welcome . Always good to see Aussies and Kiwi’s - in fact all people’s from around the world. I figured this was a great forum with lovely members - everybody is super nice and helpful.
  7. Thanks Holly for the warm welcome Ive yet to collect the Kit the Samantha - it’s on my list but also an 8 hour drive away - the lovely person I purchased it from is going to meet us somewhere to save us the longer drive . Thanks for the link - sure it will come in handy
  8. I know a Garfield for the Garfield - I’m so predictable
  9. Hi Samantha yes I did on your advice - glad I did as well Thank you for pointing me in the right direction
  10. G’day all from Australia - Thanks for the welcome. I’m an ex Australian Army Infantry Soldier living on a few acres in a small country town in NSW - currently work for the Department of education. Currently have one built house The Stlapleford (Barbara’s Moulding) and I’ve just purchased a Greenleaf Garfield which Is yet to be built , looking forward to sharing my build here . Have already done much searching and reading on this forum. I use to scratch build dollhouses about 20 years ago making at least a dozen but haven’t dabbled in this hobby for some time
  11. Yes I brought it - it was a bit pricey but as you mentioned already in Australia.
  12. Hi . Looking for a New In Packet 1/144 Garfield kit . Thanks in advance .
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