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  1. Thank you everyone! Havanaholly I'm in Knoxville. I have been to Chattanooga once and absolutely loved it. Everyday is pretty much a post card here, it took me two years to get used to all the curves though (seriously) haha. Midlife madness I have been searching ebay but Im not sure I'm searching for the right thing. Im happy to have found the ad.. I know they are out there somewhere.
  2. Actually I just found the ad!!! ts from the 1980 JC Penny Catalog! I thought I was close to 5 when I got it but nonetheless here it is. I'm missing a few of the people in this set and hoping I can find the replacements. I'm so excited to share my old house. I've already got alot of inspiration in the short few hours I've joined! How am I supposed to upload pics.... system keeps saying its too big. Im going to try posting in a new post. These are just sample pics I found. going to post my real house tonight! So excited to meet and discuss dollhouses with everyone. No one I know
  3. Hello everyone! I have a 41 year old three level victorian style dollhouse that my parents put together piece by piece for me when I was 5 years old. It has traveled around since then and is in desperate need of attention. I dont know the style of the dollhouse and hoping to find that out here. I am also searching for some missing people in the set that came with it. The dollhouse was purchased from a JCPenny catalog in 1978. Pictures will be posted soon. Look forward to learning alot here. I'm from southwestern Indiana but live in beautiful East Tennessee now.
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