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  1. Hi Sable. What are the prices like at The Toy Box? I never thought of ordering from them. I've seen miniatures.com go sky high in prices over the years.
  2. Well Hi there Jackie... Love the name I've never been to Ron's but I keep telling myself, "some day" LOL
  3. Oh my goodness! We will have to get in touch with each other and meet. Sometimes I just feel so alone as the only miniaturist in this area.
  4. I think the saddest day for me was when Nancy's closed. I remember talking to her and she said the reasons they were closing were due to health reasons and everything being online nowadays. There'snothing like going into a store and just being able to spend hours there.
  5. Hey Mike Thanks for the message.
  6. Yes I am LOL - Don't feel too bad Cynthia, I'm hibernating too. The heat is crazy all over the country. I don't really mind it this year because I'm buried in reorganizing my studio. When it's done (and before I mess it up again) I'll share pictures.
  7. Hi Holly. I now live in Cape Coral which is between Ft. Myers and Naples. I've been here for about 25 years.
  8. Thank you Holly. When I worked in Government it was in the State of Mass., but I have been down here for 26 years. I'm still looking for "mini mates" LOL I'll settle for groups like this considering I'm so anal when I get to working on my minis. I'm told I'm the only Floridian that hibernates in the summer.
  9. Hello Lula... Please feel free to pick my brain anytime. We can't take knowledge with us so we may as well pass it around
  10. How exciting it is to be back amongst other miniaturists. I started this wonderful craft almost 40 years ago, then took off many years to raise my children and pursue my career in government. Now retired I have been back doing what I love which is miniatures of course. I have too many houses to list as well as shadow box scenes. Right now I'm in the process of renovating my craft room so I can get back to work on The Contemporary Ranch which is screaming to be finished. As this house is very modern I am making all the furniture by hand. I hope to upload pictures someday. I'm looking forward to interacting with others and learning new skills. Thanks for having me.
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