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  1. That's how I have been! All I do is look at sales for tools and how-to videos. I am so tempted to get a kit in the mean time so that I can practice and make sure I don't screw up the Garfield. But I am asking for my tools for Christmas cause I can't really afford them or a kit right now.
  2. I did find photos of someone that opened it wide up using columns and hope I can pull this off (pic attached)
  3. That's smart! I might give that a whirl when I finally have the dollhouse to play with.
  4. I dont have my garfield yet, I will only get it at Christmas. I plan to make it for my daughter to play with, so I already know I want to open it up more so it's not closed in as much.
  5. I acutally did already and you welcomed me :)
  6. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone can give me tips on bashing the Garfield house? How do I identify the load bearing walls so the house doesnt come down on me? And i'm gonna assume you cut apart the walls before building? I know I'm breaking all the rules and looking into "bashing" when I have 0 experience, but I'm looking into taking the plunge
  7. Hello all! So, I have just been pricing out tools that I'm gonna need, can anyone tell me the main essentials I for sure need to start with? I'm also wondering what people put their dollhouses on (plywood and then make a yard?) Any tips/tricks/etc, bring them on! I spent all yesterday evening watching diy tutorials on YouTube!
  8. Hello Everyone! My name is Devon, I'm 31, and I live in Manitoba, Canada. My mother is currently in the process of purchasing the Garfield Dollhouse for my husband and I to build for our daughter. She managed to find it online for $150 CAD brand new! I only recently started looking at the dollhouses and miniatures in the past couple of days and am so excited. This will be my first dollhouse. We are going to take our time and it will likely take years to get it completed, but my daughter is only 7 months old so we have time! I look forward to researching and learning so much from everyone's experiences and tips!
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