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  1. Oh my, lots of great leads here and a bit of history too how exciting. I finally have some sense direction, though I admit it’s a little intimidating but I’m thrilled at the same time. I saw this one on EBay sorta looks the same interior/exterior. I’m going to try to reproduce it true to the period with perhaps more informal furniture?
  2. Hello Kelly- Thank you so much for solving this mystery for us. My husband and I are so realized. Lately we both have been sorta possessed by this house and the world of miniature. I must admit we both don’t have the slightest clue how to proceed. For us she’s a big girl! A little bit overwhelming for me. My show off husband thinks bc he’s a GC this renovation will be a piece of cake -lol
  3. Hello Honey, Glad to know you’re an expert (not me) perhaps I’ll pick your creative brain in the future.
  4. I’m not sure if I’m unloading this correctly. Please excuse me if I’m not.
  5. Greatly appreciate if someone can identify this dollhouse.
  6. Hello Mike, Checked out your Etsy shop, love the tables I saw. Do you have any thoughts on when you'll be opening your shop again?
  7. Did I mention that I live in a tiny tiny apartment and she takes half of my living room. My living room/dining area has become my crafting area lol.
  8. This window is gorgeous! You must have The patience of an angel. I’m hoping this particular the house was hot glued. I believe it was hot glued and then some I see nails Staples and some of the hard substance that I can’t tell.
  9. Wow, this is lovely. Love what you did. Oh my is that an ironing board? Nice Just printing your advise, starting my how-to-manual thank you. The house is missing lots of things before I go shop @greenleaf I’ll like to know what to get first. She needs pair shutters, stairs, doors, some windows are missing, the main door, roofing, base boards etc. Also when I’m allowed to post pics I’ll share how the structure is a bit compromised. Don’t know if I should take her completely apart or just wait for suggestions from you guys.
  10. Forgot to mentioned is a complete 11/12 room perhaps Dutch Colonial home with a big porch on the second floor. She’s stunning.
  11. Hi there, Thank you for replying. I haven’t the slightest clue who the maker is. I’ve done some research and I came up empty :-( I found a similar house on eBay, it goes for $78k - are doll houses that expensive? I’ve been reading your threads to learn as much as I can, however I’m still confused. I cleaned her up and stripped all the wall paper, floors etc. now she sits there naked - poor thing. I’m hoping (praying) some really nice person on this forum could guide me through this wonderful project.
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