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  1. My dream has always been to have an English made Art Deco house. I can imagine the shipping cost. Shivers. Still a nice dream. Maybe someday as I’m not quite ready to give up. A more realistic dream is to have the space to set up my dollhouse with landscaping, a garden, a swimming pool with patio, add in the stable with some pasture for the ponies and other farm yard critters. All in 1/12 scale. I have the house and stable, I just need to make all the rest. Time I need more time!
  2. I just finished glueing in the last floor board in my newest dollhouse. I’ve had the house kit (Downhill Ski Shop with both additions) for three weeks and it’s been going fast. I found some real bamboo strips on Amazon, that I cut, sanded, stained, and varnished for the flooring in the entire house (six rooms). I used 120 strips! I’m glad that task is done. Now I remember why I like the smaller scales. Next is the base boards and ceiling trim downstairs. Then attach the roof. Construction complete! Then the finishing touches, like siding, roofing, and other various projects. I’m even getting a
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome! I will figure out how to post pictures of my dollhouse. I’m currently working on the floors. I’m using bamboo strips. Very happy to have ‘in’ bamboo flooring, lol.
  4. A big hello from a long time miniaturist in Washington State. I’ve been making dollhouses and miniatures most of my life. I took a break from miniatures for about 9 years to do other hobbies, but am now back with a renewed passion. I’m currently working on a 1/12th scale dollhouse (the Downhill Ski Shop with both additions). I like all scales and love trying new techniques. I had no idea this forum existed and am happy to be here!
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