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  1. It’s been so long since I posted! Im stuck on painting again. *eye roll* I’ll post a picture in a few minutes.
  2. The wood on several of my pieces is very brittle. I think just because it’s so old. I chose a high gloss paint which in hindsight was a mistake. I’ll use flat next time but I’m too far in to switch.
  3. Double hung windows are all in I figured out it wasn’t the windows but the opening itself wasn’t big enough. Lots of sanding Slider door was easy fortunately. The bay window directions were incomplete so that was fun but I figured it out. The swinging windows..... what a pain. Massive amounts of sanding. Also, the front door opening is waaaay too small. Asked my husband to bring his dremel up to widen it. I see why people get into this. I already want to build another one to fix all my mistakes in this one.
  4. Good idea. I have a hobby lobby about 30 minutes away. I’ll check that out. I think this sliding door will be the same.
  5. Oh no. I need to sand a ton to even think about them opening. How bad is the sliding door?!?! I don’t really like the porch railings that come with the kit. Any suggestions where to buy replacements? I’d rather have a stick railing than this curly fleur de lis style.
  6. Third floor! These windows are really supposed to open and close?!?! *eyeroll* Mine might be glued shut.
  7. I’m in paint hell. I decided to to skip the interior walls. I’m getting very annoyed with the five thousand edges of everything so I rigged this up today. I dipped the parts in the van and brushed them off. It seems to be going ok And I fitted all the walls together. Yay!
  8. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I started the trim in glossy white. My son is five and he’s really excited about the house. He keeps wanting to help but there’s really nothing he can do at this point. He’s excited to help decorate. My mom ended up finding a dollhouse that was handmade by a man in the 70s for his daughter. He handmade all the furniture too. It’s pretty cool. My niece has it now. I very untastefully redecorated it at 10 years old. *cringe* If I ever get it back I’ll rectify that!
  9. Thanks for the replies. It’ll probably take me a month to just get paint on the outside! Do I have some time to decide!
  10. If anyone is reading this, what do I do with the insides of the walls? Since it’s tongue and groove they are not flat. Spackle? Or is coving with thin cardboard better?
  11. Here’s the dry fit. Wish I’d thought to photograph my brick making. It was a hot mess. My chimney is a total disaster. I might need to just paint it all white.
  12. Thought I’d chronicle my work. Can’t post pictures yet.... hopefully soon! I saved up to buy the Cambridge when I was around 10 years old. My dad wasn’t so thrilled. My mom found it in the garage and sent it to me. It was all there. Ive built the base and floor. I’ve dry fit the first floor walls. Now I need to paint them before moving on.
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