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I began a dollhouse when I attended community college to become an interior designer, c. 2001.  It was a graded project that fell short for me due to an injury while building *insert slap face emoji here* I set it aside and never thought about it again, unfinished of course, until recently {almost 20 years later} I've noticed I LOVE miniatures; I have two boys and we build LEGOs and I decorate for holidays with haunted houses, small dioramas, décor pieces, vintage paper Christmas villages, etc.  I have always been very crafty, paper crafting, altered art etc. and decided that I wanted to try something new and attempt the doll house route once more.  I have been researching and watching videos and reading blogs about the love/ hate relationships of doll house making and decorating and then I came across this forum and I believe I'm ready!  I've picked out the Orchid, or it picked me, and I am waiting until we finish our move across state to order it and begin this journey!  Looking forward to becoming a part of this community!

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