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  1. As a beginner I am using scrapbook paper. I like the more thick cardstock types so far, and am lucky to have a recycled craft store with stacks of the stuff. But even buying a book of pages that have the style you are looking for might work :)
  2. Have you ever tried Physical therapy? My issue wasnt the same, it was more muscle related to repetitive motion at work, but it has made a major difference. What I was most surprised about is how much it helped an unrelated issue, a trigger finger I have that causes pain after holding anything for long periods. It is my pinky finger and because I rest my hand on it so much I had a lot of problems before with needing breaks and time to stretch. Its so interesting to me how them teaching me ways to use other parts of my body to compensate for my hand and wrist made such improvements.
  3. I agree! I love everything about this. Do you make or buy the tiny items? Either way it looks fantastic. I wish my kitchen was so cute.
  4. @havanaholly haha I love your plan, so devious. Though I would for sure need to measure someone elses. My place has old siding that doesnt overlap at all. @fov Thank you! I didnt even think of the overlapping as part of the measurement.
  5. How thick are you cutting the pieces? Ive been starting with 1cm but am worried they may be a bit small.
  6. @KathieB I really do feel lucky with it, the best part is all the proceeds go to getting art programs back in schools. So I love supoorting them. Plus I can come out spending less than 50$ with two full paper bags of supplies. They actually have a dollhouse they use as a display that Ive always loved, and it was a big reason I looked in to houses Thank you for the info on that! I have a feeling by end of day Ill have enoug posted with how much I am looking at in the tutorials. @havanaholly Im curious if there is a specific wood glue you recommend? I saw in ot
  7. Hello everyone! I am a craft addict and recently (early april) had to take leave from work due to a injury. Repetitive motion from Scooping ice cream made it tough to find what to keep busy with, as it was my dominant hand focused on wrist/finger numbness. At first I was a bit depressed not doing much as I needed to not be drawing/painting or doing my usual cross stitch and colouring books as time fillers because of the specific mechanics. So I found other crafts I had in my drawers and worked a bit on sewing and things related to my Ball Jointed dolls, then while searching aliexpress for hair
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