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  1. So I’m not sure which, if any, kit I have. I spent some time looking at the kits and then a built house in disrepair came up in an estate sale. There were no finishing touches to it so I thought it would make a perfect blank canvas! I believe it is a vintage Real Good Toys kit but maybe someone else knows? This is a pic of it when I’d just brought it in and tried out some black acrylic to see how it would look. currently I have all the windows off and the door. I got a different door and I’m trying to figure out how I can make the windows appear rounded at the top.... not sure what to do or where to go at the minute.
  2. Hello! I am Leslie and am absolutely new to miniatures. I love collecting antiques, sewing and wood working. I used to live in a Victorian that I got to make real changes too and I guess I just miss that so I got a huge dollhouse to do how I like. I plan to model it like an all black Victorian in my neighborhood that I have been obsessed with for decades. I assume a witch lives there but probably has amazing period specific taste so that is my inspiration. Basically every day is Halloween through the lens of someone living now but wanting to live at the turn of the century. I am very interested in DIY help and tutorials, I’m pretty crafty but the finishing touches are what seem to elevate each piece. I’m very excited to bring my many, many years of collecting and being obsessed with Victorians to life. This is me:
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