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  1. I was accumulating stuff for months before I even started gluing the house together. Creative uses of items meant for other scales help too.
  2. Thank you! How goes progress on your own Fairfield? Lots of the folks on this forum have built one (or more) so feel free to ask questions if you need help with any of it.
  3. If you have a fine-toothed saw, it's possible to gently cut the rectangular windows in half and then piece back together at the height you need.
  4. Hi, Doing a quick internet search, I found Harold Goldman made miniature instruments in the 70's and 80's, but no details more than that. Perhaps you'll be able to search further now knowing his last name. Good luck!
  5. Call Me Crazy

    Fairfield 1:24

    Your stairs look fantastic! Well done!!
  6. Sue Cook Miniatures is another great place for fireplaces. The fireplace in my Fairfield's parlor is from her. She also has plaster ceiling roses. https://www.suecookminiatures.com/shop/index.php
  7. If you send a message to SDK with a photo of the variety you want, I'm sure they could do a custom rubber plant for you. It never hurts to ask!
  8. Phoenix models has a bed warmer. It's a white metal that you can paint copper. It comes paired with bellows. https://www.phoenixmodeldevelopments.com/index.html
  9. Very interesting making a door for the top of the stairs!
  10. I've been researching for the cause of those spots. You mentioned using steel wool. This might be what happened: Could be a tannic reaction from someone using steel wool and then a water based finish, or if it got too damp some woods have very high tannin counts and cause that exact problem.
  11. As for the inconsistencies in the stained wood, I think that's very common with this type of thin plywood. If the unevenness bothers you, you might consider doing a faux finish using paint instead.
  12. I doubt it's mold, but have no idea what caused the spots. Here's something you can try: Soak a cloth in some hydrogen peroxide and dab onto all of the dark spots. Let dry overnight and be amazed! Repeat as needed. For larger, darker stains, you can leave a hydrogen peroxide soaked towel over the area for a few hours and then remove and let dry.
  13. Hi, Your lights are LEDs? Does the battery pack have one red and one black wire? My advice is to put batteries in the pack and one at a time try each light. Separate the wires on each light so you have enough room to touch wire ends to the battery pack wires. If it lights up, mark whichever wire is touching black with a black permanent marker. If it doesn't light up, switch the wires. Make sure it lights up the other way. Continue with each light, marking all the black. You won't hurt them if you touch wires the wrong way, they just won't light up.
  14. Hi Muriel, It looks like Ashley hasn't visited the forum for awhile, so I'll answer your question since I used many of the same trim pieces on my Fairfield. They're from Vintage Victorian Dollhouse Woodworks. They have a primary website: http://stores.victoriandollhousewoodworks.com/ They also have stores on Etsy and Ebay.
  15. I agree with Holly - take your time. Enjoy the creative process. Get a notebook and write down all your ideas for what you want to do. Take note of websites for components, furniture, etc. and anything you want to remember. For the fireplace, see how tightly it fits through the 2nd floor. If you really want to decorate it before installation, how much larger will you have to make the hole in the floor? How much will you have to patch the floor afterwards? And is that something you're willing to do? Lots to consider, but it's your house and you get to do whatever you want.
  16. Beautiful and cozy dining nook! Well done with the light!
  17. Oh yes, I'm much happier with this one. My first attempt started looking rather phallic to me, and I just couldn't NOT see it that way once I thought it.
  18. Here is the new and improved finial. I like this one much better than my first attempt.
  19. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building. It's almost complete! Finishing off the roof trim, tower roof details and kitchen porch I've added to the side.
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