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  1. I wanted something different for the oval tower window frames. I found 1:12 picture frames about the right size and painted them white.
  2. The tower roof wasn't quite as difficult to glue as I thought it would be. The wood bent to the curve just fine, and I was able to get it taped down so it would *stay* curved while the glue dried. I glued the East-West sides first. Once the glue was completely set I then glued the North-South sides.
  3. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building. It's almost complete! Finishing off the attic/roof, bay window roofs, porch railings and trim, trim, trim!
  4. If I build more houses, the half-scale Rosedale and Chantilly are at the top of my wish list. Hopefully Greenleaf will get them back in stock.
  5. Thanks! I'll take all the good juju I can get!
  6. Soon I will be getting to the tower roof. I'll soak the pieces in water to help them bend to the slight curve of the supports. I expect much frustration with the whole process!
  7. Lots still to do: glue on the dormer windows, finish trim in the attic, apply shingles, build the back porch...
  8. Still a work in progress. I want the bay roofs to look metal.
  9. The chimney has been wrapped with brick paper. I have a couple chimney pots to add to the top. The attic ceiling lights are flower beads with LED lights. I still have to attach the little battery packs.
  10. Agreed! The tiny details have big impact.
  11. Lots more trim work to do in the attic rooms, including rafter-type boards that will hide the seams of the removable roof section with the dormer.
  12. I've been working on the attic knee walls - adding them to all the slanted roof sections.
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