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  1. Many thanks! The Fairfield is a wonderful house and I hope you get much enjoyment building yours. You should check out Ashley's Fairfield album. Her build was a huge inspiration for mine.
  2. So lovely! I would love to see more pictures!
  3. Yay! Another Fairfield builder! Welcome Joey.
  4. They're called ceiling medallions. Yours are very pretty!
  5. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful compliments!
  6. Thank you! I've lost count of how many times I've wished I could shrink myself down and walk around inside.
  7. Misty the cat keeps all the mice out.
  8. Thanks very much! I'm not the best at painting techniques, so I don't even try to distress or age things. Also, the wee residents take pride in keeping a tidy house.
  9. Hi Diane, How wonderful to be receiving that cute house as a gift! I'm no expert, but it looks like the style is 1950s colonial revival. How tall are the ceilings? They look about 8 or 9 inches, which would be typical for 1:12 scale. Have fun with your renovations!
  10. Thank you, I love it too! It's a kit I bought from Bouder Pine.
  11. Thanks! Yes, it's a cookbook I got from Etsy seller Little Things of Interest.
  12. Going by my real-life equivalents, the half scale utensil set is about 1/8" too long. Still, it helps fill in the area.
  13. There's just a few extra little details I want to add.
  14. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building. It's almost complete! Finishing off the attic/roof, bay window roofs, porch railings and trim, trim, trim!
  15. Hi! I hope you post lots of pictures of your progress.
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