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  1. Call Me Crazy


    Thanks so much! The floor is an image I found online and printed out. Very economical. I'm still accumulating little kitchen items and will have shelves above the stove and in the alcove to display it all.
  2. I have more to come for the sewing room!
  3. Thanks! Seeing photos from other Fairfield builders definitely helped me make this design choice.
  4. The fireplace assembly is part of the support structure for that side of the house, but you could certainly replace it with a plain wall or perhaps columns if you wanted the two ground floor rooms opened up to each other. There should be some type of support or you risk the 2nd floor sagging.
  5. A Cassidy Creations dresser kit.
  6. Another kit from Petworth Miniatures.
  7. I made the cabinet from bits of scrap wood. The books are from Little Things of Interest on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/595885996/124-scale-21-dusty-old-books-miniature?ref=hp_top_in_taxo-1-1&pro=1
  8. Not glued yet - just a test-fit to see how it looks. the arched piece will be raised up closer to the ceiling to fit in one more shelf.
  9. Not the best photo, but the furniture here is kits from Petworth, SDK and Melissa's Miniwereld. The bookcase and ottoman I made myself from wood scraps. The narrative in my head has the Mr. finding the chair in a little shop and falling in love with how comfy it is, but of course his wife absolutely hates it. She wouldn't allow it in her beautiful parlor, so up to the attic it goes. Now the tower room is the Mr.'s little reading nook where he can smoke his pipe, have some brandy and listen to his phonograph without being disturbed by his wife, daughter and crazy sister-in-law. Now I need to figure out how to make a tiny 1:24 pipe!
  10. I added a storage room under my stairs. People will be able to open the door to peek in.
  11. My scratch-built stairs are far from perfect, but they'll do. I love the Fairfield's design - there's always a view to the room beyond.
  12. Call Me Crazy

    DV's Fairfield

    Here's the half-scale Fairfield I'm building... slowly. I'm still in the dry-fit planning & modifications stage.
  13. Many thanks to Jennifer (forjenn on this Forum) for selling this dressing table on Ebay. I had to laugh when I realized I'm putting it in the exact same spot in my own Fairfield. It was fun finding tiny things to add to it for a lived-in look. The clock and pink box are from Red Cottage Miniatures.
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