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  1. Thank you! It's been fun finding items to fit in it.
  2. Actually, I think that's wrong... the dressing table was sold by Deb on Ebay. My mistake!
  3. Thanks! I'm really pleased with how it came out.
  4. These screen doors don't come with any kind of doorjamb frames. I'll just have to make it myself to fit over the kitchen door for a seamless look.
  5. Has anyone mistaken it for your "real" home?
  6. Call Me Crazy

    Benni and mini.jpg

    Aaaaaah! Too cute!! It's amazing how realistic those tiny felted wool animals look.
  7. Call Me Crazy


    I found the foyer tile image online and fell in love with it. Printed onto cardstock from a good quality laser printer and sprayed several times with a matte sealer. Fingers crossed it doesn't fade or discolor over time. I used bits of the tile for my hearths as well.
  8. I'm not looking forward to doing the stair railings. So many fiddly spindles - how will I get them all glued straight without going crazy first??
  9. I'm quite pleased with how the carpet beater came out. I used a Celtic knot charm attached to a bit of toothpick with a crimp bead and a tiny loop of wire so I can hang it up.
  10. Call Me Crazy


    My Fairfield will be overall a light and bright Victorian. I'm not completely set on a specific time period - just eclectic old-fashioned, I guess. Wormwood's Fairfield matches my own aesthetics so much that I couldn't help choosing many of the same wallpapers and other decorating details. This room is the only one where I put the exact same wallpaper she did. I've mixed things up for the other areas.
  11. Early stages of the dry-fit. I hadn't cut the roof for tower room access yet or the extra window in the back bedroom.
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