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  1. Hi, I've not been working on my Duracraft Crestview for a while. I hit a roadblock and I'm still ruminating on the solution. However, I did find a miniature shop going out of business and got a great deal on a RGT Montpelier front opening plywood dollhouse kit. I'm loving putting this together, it's like night and day from the Crestview. The problem I've run into is the room dividers. The front opening setup is confusing to me also. I thought I'd love it but it's becoming clear that it removes a big piece of the decor when opened. The instructions don't say how to install the dividers but do give some optional layouts. There also are no instructions on gluing, nailing or screwing them in place. They are very tight and difficult to move so maybe they don't need to be glued? I'm just afraid I'll chose a layout for the dividers and then discover there's a problem once I get doors etc installed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, this house has 5 windows and a front door only on the front, so when the front is opened, there's no windows showing. I'm thinking of adding a side door from the kitchen to the exterior and maybe a few windows to the back. Will this work? Any suggestions? And any other suggestions regarding the construction of this house would be appreciated. I'll add some pics soon. Thanks!
  2. I don't know anything about a band saw so I looked them up on Amazon. They look like a great tool! But can you cut sheets of plywood with them? They look (on Amazon) like they'd be more for cutting shapes and routing etc. I have several dremel tools that I love, the drill press is great, I've used that a lot and I recently got the router but haven't used it yet. Does a band saw do more? Like could you cut plywood sheets with it? it's mainly those big pieces of wood that are not easily handled that I'm thinking I need a table saw for, I just don't know if it's justified. How often do you cut bigger sheets of wood? And I'm wondering about the wood too, what do most of you use for the construction material? Is there a certain grade of plywood or a different type of wood I should be using because this sheet I got isn't easy to work with. It splinters badly but it was the closest thing my local big box store had width-wise to the wood the house is made of. As far as looking at a woodshop class or something, I don't think that'd work for me, I'm too impatient, want to do everything myself, that's why i haven't asked a neighbor to cut those pieces for me yet! I love learning how to do things, that's what got me interested in finishing this dollhouse. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm hoping by the second or third house I'll make something that looks half as good as what I've seen here.
  3. I'm having a problem with the kitchen add-on I'm doing. I couldn't find any sheets of wood that were exactly like the original house, but I found something that was pretty close and will work. However, it's not easy to cut. it wants to splinter off in all directions and it's really hard to keep a straight cut on it. I feel like I need a table saw. My mitre saw can't cut the lengths I need, my hand saw is making a mess, my dremel MultiMax wants to wander off the sides too. On the other hand, I don't know if I'll ever need a table saw again after this! So it seems like a crazy expense to help me cut 2 walls and a couple roof pieces! I did manage to do the extension of the base without a table saw, but there's gonna be plenty patchin' with wood putty and trim cover up going on. I don't want the same mess for the walls, or the wasted wood or aggravation. I did get one of those cheap mini table saws from harbor freight, it cut about 4 inches into the sheet and stopped. repeatedly. Waste of money, that was. If the consensus is I'll never use it again, I can probably find a neighbor with one who'll cut these pieces for me, but if you all think I'll use it again, say the word. I'll start shopping Craigs List. Any insight is appreciated!
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    My DuraCraft Crestview, so far
  5. HEY!! HEY!! I'm so excited!! I did it!! I tried again and this time I clicked "create an album"! Wow, what you find out when you look at the instructions! I thought the 'create an album" was for after you downloaded the pics. Never even occurred to me to click that before. Yay! Can't wait til I have some actual progress to photograph and post. Thank you all for helpful responses, I bookmarked that website re reducing photos, sure I'll need it again as I didn't have a clue about picture sizes and how to change them. I did choose the smallest size offered on my phone when i transferred to pics from phone to desktop, so in this case, it wasn't the size. But I have run into sizing problems before so that site is a keeper. Thanks again. I have an album!
  6. I tried the link. From my downloads (I'm using my desktop) one pic was 31kb, I used the link above to reduce it 50% which made it 11kb, still no go in the gallery. The website doesn't tell you how many pixels though. Maybe it's just a glitchy thing? I'll try again later. Unless someone can see an obvious error I'm making?
  7. So I tried to add pictures in Gallery to start an album, but I got a failure to load message. I tried another browser but same thing. I read some other comments about problems loading pics, but none of the suggestions seemed to work, so I'm going to try to attach them here.
  8. Replacing the splice piece with something thinner, I think that's worth a try. If I'm able to get the glue to release. I can't seem to find that post with all the different solvents to soften different glues. I should have saved that or made notes! Re the dowels for columns, do you mean columns to support the sections if I can remove the splice? And as far as the stairs go, I don't mind them being in the living room space, I just liked the look of the houses that have an entry hall. I plan on doing a turned stairway with a few stairs projecting into the space then turning and following the wall up to the next floor. Re the entryway idea, I was studying the area last night and a front to back entryway isn't going to work. As the front door is fairly centered the entry hall would cut the living room almost in half. If I put the wall over enough to leave the living room adequate, it would be so offset from the front door as to not be an entryway. I was thinking maybe I should use that split floor as the division and use a different flooring, like tile along that strip to visually separate the living room from the entry. Also, I was thinking maybe just a half wall or a wrought iron section along the split on the living room side so the areas have some suggestion of separation. I'm going to try to post pics today, I think I have 5 posts! If anyone knows where that glue undo post is, that would be most welcome. I stumbled onto it once and now can't find it no matter what search terms I use! Thanks for the input!
  9. Thanks for the input. I have been trying to remember what glue I used. The instruction book recommends "Tacky Glue", but I've got a feeling I used Elmers wood glue. There's a spot on the open side where I used too much glue and I can see it's dried a yellowish color. Also a few splotches on the instruction book that are dried yellow and I think Elmers wood glue dries yellow. Re: the interior walls, yes, I was hoping the same thing. But the walls are all one piece from top to bottom with slots cut out that you insert the floor pieces into. That brings up another question. The floors are all in 2 pieces. They have tabs that go into slots on the interior and exterior walls. You tape the 2 pieces together and glue a wood splice over the joint. The floors looks ok but the ceilings below the flooring have a big strip of wood splice going across them. It's not awful, as it could be incorporated into an entryway with a wall put in under the splice and maybe the upstairs splice could be dressed with tied back curtains as it's right in front of the bay window. But I wanted an entryway to include the staircase and run front to back of house. So that leaves me with covering the splice up somehow. I was thinking a false ceiling with light cardboard or foam core maybe?
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm in the Far East bay, Antioch. But I am not really far from Novato, in fact I go right by it when I go to my son's house, so that's great news! There used to be a shop in Concord and also one in Albany (both east bay). I lived closer to Oakland at that time so I was at the Albany shop a lot. I loved that store! But there's the internet now, so that's really helpful too. I've found blogs and sites like this one, where you can get ideas, see other folk's work and artistry and have a whole gang of experts just a message away without having to hang out at a miniature shop bugging the owner! Thanks for the suggestion re Robin Carey's site also, I can't wait to check it out. Right now I'm studying the house trying to figure out how much I have to take apart to access the interior. I'm trying to remember to take pics as I go so when I can post, you all can see what I started with and hopefully make suggestions, recommendations, etc.
  11. Hello! I'm new here and new to dollhouse construction. I'm building a Dura Craft Crestview that I started about 35 years ago ( I know, right?). I put it together as per the directions and got the outside nearly complete, minus trim/finish work. Then I parked it in my sewing room meaning to finish it one day. So one day is here! I've got grand ideas for the interior, probably way ahead of myself. I realize that it's going to be very difficult to do the interior work with the house already put together. I read the post about unsticking glue and I'm going to try to get at least the windows out first. If successful, I think I have to take the top sections off to access the ground floor fully. There are some modifications I'd like to make such as creating an entryway with a wall and possibly creating an addition for the kitchen. The first thing I attempted was running the electrical tape wire and didn't get far with that! It's really difficult to follow a straight line around the bends and corners, I can't even imagine trying to do a decent paint job, putting in trim boards, WALLPAPERING! So any input, ideas, advice is appreciated. Especially if I can get some positive thoughts on taking the house apart! Because other plans aside, I don't think I can get started as it is now. thanks in advance! I love this site and am glad to be a member!
  12. Thank you for the warm welcomes!
  13. Hi all! I'm new to the site and I'm working on my first dollhouse. And it's not a Greenleaf. I have a DuraCraft Crestview that was given to me years ago (really, years ago, like 1980 something!) by my miniature enthusiast manager from work. I worked on it until I got the exterior pretty much done and then life, child rearing and work put it on the back burner. Now I'm nearing retirement and have a renewed interest in finishing this house. I love miniature anythings! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and the few miniature shops I used to visit are no longer in business so I've been getting most of my info online. I've been reading a book by Christine Lia Frisone and I love her design ideas. I saw a youtube video by Pippi Turner (I think?) who did a house inspired by Frisone's book and it's lovely. I know the Crestview isn't a French chateau but I'd like to modify the exterior a little to make it a little less "period" looking. I considered finishing the Crestview and then doing another house in the style I'm admiring. But I know I'd then race through the Crestview and I don't want to do that. I want to love it. Do you think my plan is possible?
  14. Hi, I've been trolling this site for a while. I am working on my first dollhouse! This house was given to me by a coworker in the 80's. I worked on it long enough to build the shell, then lost steam. Now I've got time and a renewed interest in the house and this site has been so helpful! The issue is, and I'm not sure I'm even directing it to the right topic area, my house is a Duracraft, not a Greenleaf. I'd love to have a Greenleaf though, and when I finish this house I'll get one! I thought I should check if it's appropriate for me to register on this site, so that's what I'm doing. If not, I'll continue to troll but I'd love to be able to ask questions! Thank you, Nancy
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