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  1. Hi bdoerr, as Holly said send me a private with your gmail and I gladly send you the schematics!! I'm trying to edit my message but I can't in phone, will try at computer Big hugs to everybody!
  2. Antigona

    Poppy diorama.jpg

    this is amazing!!
  3. Sent it!! Lemme know if you can open the files correcly. Have fun!
  4. Hi! I have them. I can't attach here as they are too large, give me an e-mail and I send them straight away :)!
  5. A friend of me does also Aura-Soma! When I saw the picture I couldn't believe it (because it's kinda rare), it's so cute!
  6. UPDATE: I got them! Shannon was super kind and scanned them for me. Thank you very much!!!
  7. Hi! I'm sorry for double posting but yet I had no luck. I still don't have the schematics drawings for my willowcrest ;_; I mailed Greenleaf 2 times for this issue, called them yesterday (probably the gentleman freaked out with the spaniard way of raise the voice when you want to be understood even if you are not bothered in any way :lol:), but still don't have it (busy times?) One user was kind enough to contact me but for any reason (maybe time, big pdf or so) she couldn't get it to me Pleeeeease can someone send it to me? I could find the instructions or w
  8. Thank you very much!! ;_; I already mailed them, specially for the schematics (will check once I have them if there is any sheet I can't really use). Thank you very much and have a good day! (I'm going to sleep now, lol!)
  9. Hi! I just unpackaged my new Willowcrest kit and I discovered some sheets look pretty old and in a bad shape .. but worst of it is that it doesn't come with the schematics page. Does anyone have this schematics? What can I do if I find a sheet I can't really work with? Thank you very much
  10. Something Marie Kondo would enjoy lol!! I also save all magazines I ever buy!
  11. I guess it's because kids get tired of toys faster than before (because they can own more toys too)... Maybe is that dollhouses in the past where like an all-life present and right now most parents doesn't want to spend money on a good handmade dollhouse. If it's for child-playing probably they prefer a plastic dollhouse that will last 1-2 years and then buy another thing... It makes me sad thinking about it, but on the other side I think it's special to give a child an all-life dollhouse! (or gifting an adult with it lol I would enjoy it!!)
  12. Thanks for sharing! I am super curious about the ready-made dollhouse selling. I guess they are OOAK and also have the artist special touch :)
  13. I work both of them, as Holly said sometimes is difficult to end one part without having the other done!
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