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  1. Thank you Carrie for the advice about gluing wallpaper on cardstock to fix the problem with large grommets going through (thin) walls @Mid-life madness. I've managed to begrudgingly use the CK MICROSCOPIC outlets and plugs (instead). The jury's still out as to whether I continue with the outlets/plugs while slowly losing my eyesight over time or use the large grommets. I find grommets appear(?) to be more reliable, than the finicky plugs. The downside are the (enormous) plugs that come with the lamps. No one's ever happy
  2. I seem to be dragging my feet on the Worthington, since last summer @Call Me Crazy and @havanaholly Believe it or not, I haven't gotten to the second floor YET!! Life keeps throwing a monkey wrench into it. I'm chomping at the bit for the day I can glue my 2nd floor in permanently. I completed the iron on veneer flooring for the living and dining rooms, but have not completed the baseboards in the dining area yet. I'm happy with the turnout. I can't install the ceiling molding until the 2nd floor is glued in place. I'll varnish the flooring for the entire house at the same time, once I'm done with everything. In the meantime, I had a DISASTER happen with my large grommets going through the wood to the other side of the wall. I've resorted to the electrical sockets from Cir-kit (1004?) and can't seem to troubleshoot what the problem is as to why ALL other lights go out, when I plug the lamp into the electrical socket. I have to walk away from the house for a day or two before I tackle it again, otherwise I'll have a meltdown
  3. Hello @astoppani. I have the identical problem when using the (large) eyelets on my Worthington house. The shank (or stem) goes clean through the wall to the other side. I was so upset when this happened. I'm not sure if large eyelets are sold with a shorter shank, but I'd LOVE to know if anyone knows the answer to this
  4. I was haunted by this house @fov and @havanaholly. The day I went to pick it up, I borrowed hubby's Kia Sportage, because I knew the Mini Countryman was too small and the house STILL didn't fit his vehicle! The seller gave my money back. I was heartbroken A couple days later, I noticed she lowered the price Desperation set in. I was trying to avoid renting a trailer, so I offered her the original price and asked that she deliver it. She told me she'd sell it at the new (lower) price AND DELIVER IT! It was meant to be! The seller is a snowbird and wanted to get rid of it before she headed north again for the summer. She told me she got it from someone in Maine and brought it down with the intention of working on it through the winter, here in SW Fla. That was a 2 years ago. The fact is, I'm currently in the beginning stages of building a Worthington. Most of the walls are up as well as electricity. I have two OTHER houses waiting in the wings to be renovated. One of them is a Thornhill. The other, I'm not so sure ( once again) of the origin, but it's waaaaay smaller and more manageable. Thinking of turning it into a NYC brownstone or townhouse w/fire escape. Anyway, can't wait for my new reno to arrive this weekend. Mind you, I have NOWHERE in my house to store it, since the other ones have taken over every corner in my house. Guess it'll have to share the garage with my motorcycles. I'll figure out a permanent spot down the road
  5. ....Okay, I just added the other 2 photos of this reno house I'm about to purchase. Whew! Hope someone has an answer for me as to what the name of this dollhouse is and what company produced it. Guess it's history will add to the intrigue. I love this house and will do my best to make her even MORE beautiful than she is. Her measurements are 40W x 33D (front to back/on it's back) and 31" tall
  6. I'm about to purchase a reno dollhouse, but don't have much information about it's history. I like the bones in this house. It just speaks to me...? The lady I got this from, got it from someone else who was also overwhelmed with the possibilities. So, I'm person #3 with the same interest, but with a little more willingness to take the plunge. I must admit, I've never had a house that needed as much work as this appears, but she's beautiful to me. It's electrified throughout. In spite of all that needs to be done, all the lights are in working order. I may do some upgrading where needed. I'm not the smartest when it comes to adding photos here. It wouldn't take my other ones, but I'll add them in another blog
  7. @Dasprite222 OMG!! I do the same, except, I add electric in mine, too! I don't bother fussing with furniture and accessories. I move onto the next house when all rooms have been painted and wallpapered. I am, however, working on a Worthington, I'm seriously thinking of keeping for myself. For this, I'll consider decorating with furniture
  8. Sharon C


    Thank you for that AWESOME advice about the Bam Bam @Mid-life madness I just ordered mine today!
  9. Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted @Call Me Crazy I've already begun my flooring in the Worthington and chose poster board to iron my wood veneer to. I'm happy with this option, though I DO understand the alternative of laying the flooring directly to the foundation, before the walls are erected. The floors are coming out PERFECTLY! I'll sand and varnish them several times to create a BEAUTIFUL shine. Thank you all, for your opinions and various options
  10. Hi Diane @Tinyroomartist. It's so much fun reading about others getting into the art of miniatures. It's a dying breed out here and I wish others lived closer to me in SW Fla who share the same passion I FULLY AGREE with @Keifer with making a dollhouse your own. That's what it's all about, from the time you open a new kit, or drive someone else's unfinished house to be renovated and transformed into your own fantasy. You wonder where to place your rooms in retrospect to a life size home. I've seen hundreds of dollhouses online with no stairs, but each room with it's own cozy design. Lot's of people choose that way of displaying their dollhouse. For me, I'm much like @Felthen where my dollhouse MUST seem real. I've personally lived in homes where I've questioned the layout and wondered what they were thinking....or drinking(?)....when they designed it? For me, It would have to be closer to what I'd look for, if I were shopping for a real home. A half bathroom on the main floor is important to me. I haven't tried it yet. I've done it on floors above. My issue now, is having more rooms in it than I need(?), therefore, I have NO IDEA what to place in them. Good luck with your build! I'm learning soooo much from ALL the talented people on this site. You WILL likely copy or come close to someone else's idea that you've seen. It's a way of admiring their work, but I'd always give kudos to that person's work as mentioned by @Keifer. I miss New York. Lived in Harlem for 20 years and in Brooklyn for 7. Be safe and stay warm
  11. @havanaholly I think I understand the reason for using poster board for easy removal to get to the tape/wire in the event of electrical issues. With that said, once I iron the (veneer) flooring onto poster board, would there an issue with curling after I stain it then lay flat, heavy weights on top, or am I good to go?
  12. @havanahollyCan you tell me why you'd choose the poster board over placing the stir sticks directly onto the wood floors themselves? Is your reasoning in the event you'd like to replace the floors, later? I'm ready to do my floors this weekend. Thank you for your response. I wouldn't say I'm new to building miniatures, but I want to know the best option and the reasons behind it
  13. You're doing a great job with the beads and lights. I'd need 100 EXTRA beads right next me me in a bag to destroy until I get it right.
  14. Sharon C


    ...but the CEILING! I'm speechless. I LOVE IT!
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