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  1. Hi Diane @Tinyroomartist. It's so much fun reading about others getting into the art of miniatures. It's a dying breed out here and I wish others lived closer to me in SW Fla who share the same passion I FULLY AGREE with @Keifer with making a dollhouse your own. That's what it's all about, from the time you open a new kit, or drive someone else's unfinished house to be renovated and transformed into your own fantasy. You wonder where to place your rooms in retrospect to a life size home. I've seen hundreds of dollhouses online with no stairs, but each room with it's own cozy design.
  2. @havanaholly I think I understand the reason for using poster board for easy removal to get to the tape/wire in the event of electrical issues. With that said, once I iron the (veneer) flooring onto poster board, would there an issue with curling after I stain it then lay flat, heavy weights on top, or am I good to go?
  3. @havanahollyCan you tell me why you'd choose the poster board over placing the stir sticks directly onto the wood floors themselves? Is your reasoning in the event you'd like to replace the floors, later? I'm ready to do my floors this weekend. Thank you for your response. I wouldn't say I'm new to building miniatures, but I want to know the best option and the reasons behind it
  4. You're doing a great job with the beads and lights. I'd need 100 EXTRA beads right next me me in a bag to destroy until I get it right.
  5. Sharon C


    ...but the CEILING! I'm speechless. I LOVE IT!
  6. Yes, I agree. It appears to be a "blush(?)" pink@Samusa which is picking up the color from the inserts on the flooring.
  7. I also decided to use brick on the front (only) of my Worthington. Not the side additions. Love the look it gives. Yours is beautiful
  8. Sharon C


    Looks somewhat Gothic, but BEAUTIFUL! I love them.
  9. Tell me about it,@Elsbeth. I'll never admit building dollhouses is a waste of time. I'll never get back NEARLY as much as I put into it. For me, it's the love of the art. It's the imagination of what CAN be done to mere sheets of wood or MDF. Here in SW Fla, the dollhouse scene is extinct. I'm afraid I've waiting too long to take advantage of a local dollhouse store nearby. They struggled to stay alive, but soon realized they didn't have enough clientele to sustain such a unique business (only to those of us who truly need it). When they initially opened, I wasn't the least bit inte
  10. Thank you for your replies referring to selling dollhouses. All of you have great points. Congrats to @1martinimomma on the sale of your Lady Anna on Marketplace. That's my go to place for future sales (if I ever decide to). It's also the place I see BEAUTIFUL houses which sell at inexpensive prices. Scary for the seller. A GREAT find for the buyer. I will never remotely THINK of shipping a dollhouse @Felthen to a buyer. The thought is too scary thinking of how many pieces it will arrive to the buyer. Local pickup is the only way for me Which brings me to @KathieB's comme
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to Greenleaf chat. I've recently begun building miniatures again. I originally started in the early 2000s on the Willowcrest and Beacon Hill kits. I completed Victoria's Farmhouse by Real Good Toys this past Spring of 2020. I'm currently working on The Worthington, (a tab and slot dollhouse) by Artply. I purchased the kit for $60 in 2020. I don't know what the original price was during the time this company was still in business. After reading @More Minis Dollhouses basic standard suggestion on how to price a dollhouse, I was blown away at how low I'd possibly
  12. Hi Jolene. I'm back in the game with building my dollhouse myself. I have The Worthington. Got the kit before Halloween 2020. With the holidays fast approaching, I put it aside, but not out of view, so it didn't remain in a corner collecting dust. I'll be back at it again with a few minor changes to it, to make it my own. Good luck with arranging your time to continue to build. It's so relaxing for me and all problems melt away when I'm at my table. Hope it does the same for you ~ Sharon
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