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  1. I wanted to make my bathroom floor in a shabby chic style, but I think it came out a little more shabby than chic. Anyway, I could cover it with this cardstock, but I'm not sure about it. What do you think looks better?
  2. Thanks everyone! I will test it out and try it, and I'll post here how it turned out.
  3. I made some wood floors, which I sealed with a few coats of Mod Podge. Now my husband is suggesting that I use Polyurathane instead. We have some in the garage, and it is water-based. Does anyone know if I can add a polyurathane sealer on top of Mod Podge? I really want to, but I don't want to make a mess of all my hard work.
  4. What a great find! Good luck with the repairs!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to this. I've wanted to try building a dollhouse for some time, and just now I'm building my first dollhouse, a Victoria's farmhouse from Real Good Toys. I'm not building this for a child, but I'm doing this as a hobby for myself. I've finished the structure and am now adding flooring, paint, wallpaper, trim. I'm not putting electricity into this house. I've had some setbacks along the way, which I've resolved, and I've made some mistakes, which are hopefully not too visible. Now I'm at the point where I find myself looking at other dollhouses online and thinking maybe someday I'd like to try that one. But... it's an expensive hobby, and one thing at a time!
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