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  1. My daughter and I have a Victoria Farmhouse to build and would like to add more rooms to the floor plan. Has anyone added the Colonial Jr. or Conservatory Additions to this house? How about experience with changing to a front opening instead of side opening? We are not opposed to loosing the side porch and adding more rooms instead. Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experience.
  2. Does anyone know the brand of this dollhouse? Thanks!
  3. I am looking to modify my Vermont Farmhouse Jr. and was wondering how essential the first floor room divider is to the structural integrity of the house? I was thinking I might like to construct it with a large, open living-dining-kitchen but I know the house is heavy and I don't want the second floor sagging. Ideas, thoughts, personal experiences? Thanks!
  4. My daughter and I are looking to build our second house and are thinking about the Alison Jr. with two story additions on each side. Does anyone know if we could add a conservatory addition to the outside of a two story addition? If anyone has done this could you please share pictures? Also, I would love to add a second story patio to the top of one of the additions. I am all about working doors so I would want to add a working door from the third story room out onto the patio but I have noticed that the roof slants in on the third story....does anyone have tips on how to build an angled dormer door? Thanks!
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