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  1. Greetings and Hello Hope you enjoy the journey on my little garage. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks... Very appreciated. I giggled the whole time creating him. Was a very interesting subject no doubts. hahahahaaa. You'll see him in the whole scheme of things eventually.
  3. This Is going to be a lot like a garden railroad. But with out the railroad. ahahhaaaaa Picture Dwarf pine trees and Lots of green plants. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the journey's.
  4. Greetings and hello again. Some of you may remember I started a few projects for my back yard. I've finished a couple simple little projects and I'm always adding a few more when time and energy allows. This thread will show you the progress so far. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the journey's on my tiny back yard world I'm slowly creating for radio controlled trucks. Scale is 1/10th. Everything will mostly be scratch built.
  5. Back yard tiny truck trail fun. Wouldn't be a proper Idaho trail with out a bigfoots.
  6. Mrs. 2Bscale


    1/10 scale "New Moon" Single wide trailer. Forgot that I run out of pictures except on the gallery. Thanks for all the looks and likes and encouragements. Enjoy my silly build. More soon.
  7. It fills the work bench up no doubts. Thanks ahahaha
  8. Hi Holly! Thank you! I agree with you a 100%! It's been great to let the imagination flow and extra special when what you think of comes to life, especially if it works out the way you were hoping.. I still have LOTS of things to learn, but I am looking forward to all of the learning.
  9. Hi there, My name is Amy, I'm 2BScale's other half. He decided to let me have his profile, he has created a monster in this lady with the love of creating dollhouses. This new adventure for me has been so exciting! One thing I have definitely learned with this new hobby is Practice, Practice, and yet more Practice! Notice that I did type Practice with a capital You are able to create so many different things and make them your own. I hope that with time I'm able to contribute and to learn from everyone on this wonderful site of endless possibilities!! Excited to be apart of this jo
  10. Mrs. 2Bscale


    Hummmmmm This is still shelved.... Any interest on me getting back on it and finish it ? I stopped progress because I thought it needed full wood paneling threw the interior. Suggestions and idearrr's welcome.
  11. Mrs. 2Bscale

    Tudor bed

    Has my vote toooooo. Just absolutely amazing. Warm.....Warm cozy feelings. Its all working and coming together beautifully. Enjoying watching this one no doubts.
  12. Outstanding. My eye's are very happy. Beautiful work.
  13. Thank you. very appreciated. It was a fun little project to create.
  14. It's starting to come around. Long way to go still.
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