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  1. Yes their tiny chickens in the back of that their pickup. Hahahahaaaa.
  2. I was asked about my little car. Scratch built radio controlled. My other hobby that brought me to this forums. Fun to combine both no doubts. Here is a couple pics of my work. I like them old and weathered. Enjoy and thanks for looking.
  3. Sorry just noticed your post. I scratch built the little car from copper and brass. It is Functional and can be drove around, Radio controlled. I carved body bucks from wood then formed copper over them. I can also vacuum form styrene body's from the wood bucks. I've made two other better examples for friends. Static subjects though. Thanks for the interests, very appreciated.
  4. Awesome, glad your enjoying it. Yes I will be making a complete mess of shop with tools and etc. I can't wait to fill the store shelfs with all the little's. Ordered a cash register though....Better then i could scratch build. Thanks.
  5. 2Bscale


    Greetings and Hello Hope you enjoy the journey on my little garage. Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks. Kept them very simple compared to all of your works and projects. Lots of inspiration going on around this forums.
  7. Huge thank You. Very appreciated.
  8. This Build should be really fun and neat to follow. I still serf the web, mostly Pintrest for awesome ideas on shadow box Dollhouses. My wife has a whole room dedicated to dollhouses. She only like to build the structures though. even with all kinds of neat furniture bought for them. haaaaaa anyways........ I'll be watching this one come around, very cool clock and ideas for it. I have 4 granddaughters, I'd love to do something along these lines for them. more please.
  9. No hurricane....Just Some typical Idaho wind.. hahaha Thank you. Sagebrush makes for perfect little trees. Bark looks to scale also. "Bonus". I'd take some new current pics but all structures have been put away for up coming weather....Snow..ugh
  10. Greetings and hello again. Some of you may remember I started a few projects for my back yard. I've finished a couple simple little projects and I'm always adding a few more when time and energy allows. This thread will show you the progress so far. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the journey's on my tiny back yard world I'm slowly creating for radio controlled trucks. Scale is 1/10th.
  11. Thank you. Going to be another fun addition to my back yard tiny RC truck trails no doubts. Hope to start a couple more fun structures in the next few months also. I'll post a few pictures so you all get an idea of direction of my plans. Had a lot of people come over to drive and wonder around on it this spring. Thanks again.
  12. Hahahaaa Yes, it's going to be a hoot scratching up all the garage and store smalls no doubts to fill that empty. Thank you and very appreciated.
  13. Thank you "tranfl". Lots to do still weathering it and all the little details. Looking forward to this winter actually to concentrate on the littles.
  14. 2Bscale

    Work in Progress

    It's coming along beautifully. Great Job.
  15. Stunning. This Kitchen and your photo really drew my eyes in. Outstanding and very well done.
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