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  1. 2Bscale


    Greetings and Hello Hope you enjoy the journey on my little garage. Thanks for looking.
  2. 2Bscale


    Hummmmmm This is still shelved.... Any interest on me getting back on it and finish it ? I stopped progress because I thought it needed full wood paneling threw the interior. Suggestions and idearrr's welcome.
  3. 2Bscale

    Tudor bed

    Has my vote toooooo. Just absolutely amazing. Warm.....Warm cozy feelings. Its all working and coming together beautifully. Enjoying watching this one no doubts.
  4. Outstanding. My eye's are very happy. Beautiful work.
  5. Thank you. very appreciated. It was a fun little project to create.
  6. It's starting to come around. Long way to go still.
  7. Wouldn't be a proper old service station with out a fuel pump. Scratched one up. Thanks for looking and hope your enjoying the build.
  8. 2Bscale

    Happy Halloween!

    Amazing. My eye's are happy. Loving all the details. More please.
  9. Ideas to help shop area walls. I plan on hanging a lot of things from them. Shelfs , parts, fan belts and etc.... Any Ideas are welcome to help the blaaaaaa from the way they look. Should I also do a board look with beams ? Or just some dry brush washes ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ummm "Giggling" It's supposed to be an air compressor. Runs shop tools and airs up tires. I still need to add air hose and some little stickers. "still Giggling" Thanks.
  11. Few more little details. The tiny cars are N scale Model railroad.
  12. Scratched up a start to some equipment. Thanks for looking.
  13. Awesome clock and a Huge inspiration. Off to great start with it and the theme. More please.
  14. Yes their tiny chickens in the back of that their pickup. Hahahahaaaa.
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