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  1. I'm not sure what this might be either. I'm guessing it also refers to what FurMama said. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help. Good luck with you Beacon Hill.
  2. Thank you, William! I had posted a link of a video I made of the house somewhere on this forum. I forgot to link it here. https://youtu.be/0a5Y_qocn94
  3. Michelle B

    My Beacon Hill

    *Sorry for the duplicate photos. One day I tried uploading a bunch and it was "processing" for the longest time so I clicked out of it. Upon checking the gallery the next day, the photos weren't there. I tried to upload again, to find that this time they uploaded quickly and were duplicates. I don't know how to delete them. Here is a video of the interior and exterior: https://youtu.be/0a5Y_qocn94
  4. Thank you, Debsrand56! We are glad that it gave you that impression.
  5. Michelle B


    Thank you, Kells! We weren't happy with the original size of the kitchen.
  6. Michelle B


    Thank you, Kells! It was going to be the dining room before we put on the addition.
  7. Michelle B

    tower detail

    Thank you. I think the colors are very soothing.
  8. Michelle B


    Thank you Elsbeth. Originally the dining room was in that entrance foyer area. I wasn't happy with that either.
  9. Michelle B


    Thanks. Not a family. Each area is a separate vignette and the people are not related room to room.
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