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  1. Oh, man--those veggies that cut and peel just like real ones were so cool! I bought a purple cabbage but am now deeply regretting not having gotten at least an onion and an avocado too Will have to find the artist's card in the pile I collected and see if she also sells online. Edit: Those huge laser-cut houses were amazing too!!! I wish I'd gotten a chance to see them up close, but there was always a crowd.
  2. Wonky Woo


    Holy smokes, this is realistic. Did you create that perfect Ikea/Michaels rolling craft cart yourself? So perfect to see that in a room like this.
  3. A man began building this "Mini-Mansion" for his daughter in the early 1970s, but never got around to finishing it. It remained in his basement for the next 40+ years until he and his wife decided to downsize and I acquired it in all it's warped and broken beauty. It's going to be a huge rehab/rebuild project, but I'm so excited to take it on!
  4. Oops, I meant "plywood" instead of "basswood." Can't figure out how to edit on here yet :(
  5. Hi, Samantha! I'm so glad to hear this actually is a rarer dollhouse model because I was convinced I was just an idiot for not being able to find anything about it online. I wonder if it's because the house is so big (32"w X 20"d X 35"h not including the 9X12 addition) that they didn't sell many of this model? I imagine it was pretty expensive for the time and not many folks had the floor space for it. Whatever the case, I do hope you can eventually find one for yourself since it really is a neat house with so much potential (hopefully I can post some pictures of the interior soon). I think it
  6. Hi, Matt! I have to confess that I've actually been stalking your Cape May album for a while as it's pretty much the only information about Model Homes construction on the Internet, and so, so helpful. Even just reading your description of the wall construction here clarified a lot for me, since the kit instructions are pretty minimal and I was having a hard time visualizing what the wall pieces looked like before the original owner glued them together and covered the insides with wallpaper. So thank you so much for being such a wealth of information. (Also, your Cape May is one of my favorite
  7. Hi, Mike! Thanks for the warm welcome. If I can scan the instructions for the Model Homes 1060 Mini-Mansion as a PDF, could I DM them to you? Your post with all the links to different instructions is such a helpful resource--I'd love to be able to contribute for other future builders who might happen across this model.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, Carrie. It's definitely a neat house. I hope to get some pictures of the interior up soon--it's even cooler inside with the tower/turret rooms and the bump-out rooms toward the front. So much potential for interesting room layouts :)
  9. Oh, we definitely are neighbors--I grew up near Elgin and live on the northwest side of Chicago now. It might be a while before I reach the actual cutting stage, but I'm going to keep your generous offer in mind. I have a friend who's offered to help me cutting any big wood pieces, but he doesn't have dollhouse experience, so I could definitely use a more experienced consult when it comes to planning the pieces and how best to cut them. Thank you SO much.
  10. Hi, Holly! This is exactly what I was thinking I might need to do--glad to see this isn't a totally out-there idea. I have a friend who does woodworking as a hobby, and I think I might take advantage of his offer to help since I only own a jeweler's saw and am kind of terrified of using any power tools bigger than a Dremel, lol. Thanks for the advice and the warm welcome.
  11. Hi, All. I recently acquired a Model Homes 1060 Mini-Mansion that's amazing but in terrible shape. The owner started building it for his daughter in the '70s and never finished it, and though I seem to have all the parts listed in the instructions, a lot are broken or warped. I'm pretty overwhelmed trying to figure out if I can even find replacement parts that will work, given the odd way this house is constructed, or if it's even as salvageable as I want to believe it is. My only previous experience is rehabbing my childhood DuraCraft Sweetheart and that was in way better shape and a
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