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  1. It looks like you could also download the PDF or read it online here: https://leerebookes.com/ebookfile/read.php?book=Making%20Model%20Horse%20Harness. They have a 30 day trial subscription to read ebooks. Honestly, I try to buy actual content whenever I can - my husband is a composer/musician, so I know how important it is for people to actually buy music, art, etc, as opposed to getting free downloads. However, in this case, the book isn't for sale, so this may be the only way you can find it.
  2. Oh, I love how that turned out with the base painted with copper/gold paint! I was looking at a set on the Handley House site, and their pictures are never very good, so you can't really tell. I believe the decoration was fired into the glaze, so painting over it is probably the only option. It's nice to see a picture of how nice it can turn out though. Thanks.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had experience with trying to remove the flower appliques from a porcelain miniature bathroom set? If I got a set that had flowers on it, can they be removed without marring the finish? I can't tell from pictures if they are stickers, or if they are painted on and then sealed, but I personally don't like them. I suppose the other possibility is painting over them. Just wondering if anyone had ideas to share for "classing them up". Thanks, Margie
  4. Wow, they are precious. I just looked at some Ethel Hicks Angel Children selling on ebay - for much less than she should, in my opinion. The work that must go into making those is very impressive! The die cast was actually a guess, because I can see mold marks along the edges of the legs and arms, and thought I could see a grey metal color in one spot where the paint is missing. It could however be molded from a dark plastic material, and then painted with glossy enamel paint. I'm thinking that is more likely now. It's definitely not porcelain, as far as I can tell. Well, I know it isn't older
  5. I've tried that method using aluminum foil. It works really nicely, and can be folded and refolded several times without any issues. I machine basted the foil to a "lining" piece, with the foil cut about 1/4" smaller on all sides. Then I pinned and sewed the "foiled" lining inside the front and back of the quilt cover. The machine needle didn't seem to have an issue going through the aluminum foil. It may have even sharpened the needle a little, as I've heard you can sharpen a paper cutter blade by cutting alum foil. I've also tried the method of sewing thin wire inside the perimeter
  6. I was wondering if anyone on this forum is familiar with someone who was called "Georgie the Miniature Lady". I bought a large lot of vintage miniature furniture and accessories on Ebay recently. The seller didn't know much history about them, except that they were from the collection of Georgie the Miniature Lady (she had her old business card), who had a miniature shop in the area of Camino, Calif. from the 1960's to the 1990's. She said she had passed away about 15 years ago. Many of the items are nicely handmade wooden furniture, and Georgie signed the bottoms of them. There were also seve
  7. Hi, my name is Margie. I've been interested in dollhouse miniatures for most of my life, since I got a dollhouse from my Grandpa when I was six. He built two dollhouses - one for me and one for my older sister - that year. They fit together to make one house, and had wheels built into the base to easily move them. We got them for Christmas with a houseful of plastic furniture that was popular in the 70s. As I got older, I replaced a lot of the furniture with nicer wood furniture that I bought with my allowance and baby-sitting money. The houses are still at my parents' house, and my sister's k
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