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  1. Got it. We have made a few tables and shelves, but upholstered furniture is beyond us at this point.
  2. Had the same issue trying to understand scale. Bought 1:12 stairs to put in a Buttercup. To our surprise they were too long. We cut them, but used them for steps at the edge of the "yard". Also bought 1:12 furniture only to discover it seemed very large. Turns out 1:12 furniture comes in all different styles and sizes just like real life furniture. You can buy all different sizes of couches, chairs, tables, and accessories to fit your rooms even though they're all marked as appropriate for 1:12 scale.
  3. My only experience has been with the Greenleaf Buttercup, a 2 room, 2 story house. with no stairs between the floors. Obviously the manufacturer was counting on the owners to use whimsy or magic to get from one floor to the other. Dkdreamweaver and I let that guide us as we designed the interior. Our first iteration had a kitchen on the ground floor, living area on the 2nd (no way to get from one to the other). Our second iteration added a wall and kitchen to the ground floor and converted the second floor to a bedroom and sewing area. Still with no way to get between floors. Our 3rd iteration
  4. A very ambitious choice for your first house. Nice job. Congratulations!
  5. Hi Everybody. I am a retired New Englander. A year or so ago my interest in model railroading, and a collaboration of some years with DkDreamweaver building gingerbread houses, expanded in a direction I never anticipated. DKDreamweaver, also a retired New Englander, is a crafter of many years. She mentioned she always wanted to try to build a dollhouse, but never had the opportunity. We decided to see if our interests could be applied to building one. We lurked in the forums for some months learning what we could about choosing a house, building, electrifying, and landscaping. The Buttercup se
  6. Thank you all for your encouragement.
  7. After lurking in the forums here for help and inspiration, we have finally finished our first dollhouse just in time for Fall. Not a true bash, but we did add a greenhouse/solarium to one side off the kitchen. Our Siamese cat Moo Moo likes to hang out in there. More pictures will follow.
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