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  1. Oh!! I had not even THOUGHT about the junction splice! Thank you!
  2. Ok I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who just hated those brads. They come loose so easily - even if I tape them down with painters tape.
  3. Hi all! I am new to this community and absolutely thrilled to be a new member of the world of miniatures. I’ve started with a Franklin by Radmark (1983) and have found such love with every step of this process. I’m still in the early stages but the bug has bitten! That being said, I am about to lose my hair over installing electricity. I purchased a Cir-Kit tapeset, read every line of the directions, watched YouTube videos and I’ve read the blogs. And it’s still so frustrating!!! I had the first floor working perfectly...and then I moved the dollhouse to it’s now permanent p
  4. I don’t have it ☹️☹️☹️☹️ My sister thought we sold it in the late eighties at a garage sale, but we found out later our Mother gave it to our little cousin (who then sold it at a garage sale in the nineties). The kitchen floor lifted up for storage of the staircase that folded flat when you took the railing off.
  5. I was a very lucky little sister - we had ALL the furniture (we would each get a set for birthday and Christmas) and dolls. I remember the father doll reminded me of Mr Brady from the Brady Bunch and I remember that staircase being such a pain to attach and stay put!
  6. My name is Cyndi - a late thirties, Momma of two, English teacher, living in West Virginia, USA. I have recently begun my first build - a Franklin classic Victorian farmhouse made by Whitney in 1983. I have a love of toys, a good foundation in basic power tools, and a live-in Mother who reminded me that my favorite thing to do as a child was set up my Barbie or My Little Pony's houses and then not actually play with the dolls. As my children continue to grow up (despite my attempts at keeping them little - ha!), I decided to repurpose a large outbuilding into a studio. Long before children
  7. Happy Thursday! As I am brand new to this hobby, I thought it would fun to show you all the only dollhouse I have ever owned (before January 1 of this year). Does anyone remember this? Fisher Price, 1979. Although I didn't make this and there were few to any ways to individualze it, this is what I consider my first doll house. My fascination with this led to my Mom taking me to the Smithsonian to see their display of the American History Dollhouse. Many (mannnny) years later here I am: building my first from the ground up.
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