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  1. When I finish my current project (and first house), I'd like to start on another right away. I'm considering a laser cut kit, since they have better reviews, but they cost more and it looks like more of the Greenleaf laser cut kits are in 1:24 size and I would prefer 1:12. Thoughts, opinions, ponderances... on laser cut?
  2. What is the general consensus about hot glue and shingles or trim? These are areas that are tricky for me to clamp or tape. Feel free to point me to an existing topic or article if there is one. I'm planning on storing the finished house in a heated basement and I'm in the Pacific Northwest if that is a factor.
  3. I'm excited about this sofa tutorial: http://thekinfelddollhouse.blogspot.com/2017/09/dollhouse-couchsofa-tutorial.html Its amazing to see the items that can be made with everyday materials like cereal boxes, fabric and paint. I love the idea of cutting up some of my kids' old clothes that can't be passed on to others (because holes or stains) and giving them new life in a dollhouse.
  4. I hadn't heard of this show before. I'm looking forward to going in the future.
  5. Thank you for the shingling details, I will definitely read through them again right before I get started. Another 3 days before the shingles are dried out enough to use (according to the directions).
  6. What are the main things that affect the price of a dollhouse? I saw one posted on Craigslist for $2500, which seems crazy.
  7. Great advice! I'm trying to get a set of furniture my kids can play with in the Storybook Cottage we are building, so I'm all for cheap ideas. Today at my closest "dollar store" (Daiso), I found air dry clay and some little chairs I will use for the dining room. Does anyone have any links to furniture built with popsicle sticks?
  8. Shingles have been dyed and are drying in the basement. I accidentally left them outside overnight, where I was dying them in the backyard, and they got rained on, so the color will probably be lighter than intended. That's Seattle for you: 0% chance of rain means there's still a chance of rain. Do the dyed shingles tend to darken as they dry? If anyone has advice for gluing on shingles, or could direct me to a forum post, I'm all ears!
  9. Does anyone know how to put a bunch of different printables onto one sheet so I can print them off all at once? Or link to an Etsy seller that has already done it? I'm looking for food boxes, contemporary ones that my kids currently eat.
  10. House update for our little Storybook Cottage: We have finished gluing everything together and I've put on two coats of flat white spray paint. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought some finishing materials: RGT grey shingle dye, scrapbook papers for the walls, felt for the carpet, Aleene's quick dry glue, flowers for the flower box, acrylic paints for the furniture and a few bits and bobs. I'm trying to keep the cost down, and probably spent about $75 for the finishing materials (including the two cans of spray paint and original bottle of glue). The kids wanted really wacky col
  11. I'm a Canadian currently living in Washington State. This past weekend I brought out a Storybook Cottage kit that I bought in Canada at a hobby shop almost a decade ago. At the time I bought the kit, my husband and I were newly married, and he was building a model ship. I thought it would be fun to build something at the same time he was doing his ship model. I opened the box, labeled everything and removed and sanded the first handful of pieces, before life got busy and the kit was put away. Back to the present: after moving house three times, including a change of countries, I final
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