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  1. Slobber. I have seen that house occasionally before but never knew who made it. It seems to be SUCH a great house! Can't wait to see it take shape!
  2. OK, I am working on learning my way around these forums so I can post and get started! I had to promise to give up perusing CL in exchange for bringing this house home, so I am glad I never said anything about other miniature forums Before I start on the Joseph Angel, I need to sell two, and finish another, so I plan on being busy! And woohoo - I can post pictures now which means my next mission is figuring out galleries, it appears. In the background you can see my disaster of a dollhouse room (which is too small).
  3. What a neat house - what is it?
  4. The quality on the details of her house is really amazing!
  5. I love that! I keep hoping my daughters join me :)
  6. Hello! I've been lurking online for years as I build my collection and just brought home a pristine Joseph Angel shell. It will join my Elliot Bay (currently in rehab) and my Tower House. I am WAY excited to be back to miniatures now that our daughters are older and more independent I am constantly amazed by the work and knowledge I see here and am excited to be a part of this community!
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